Summer 2004 | Issue 18

Editor in Chief Craig Bromberg

Creative Director Shanley Jue

Graphic Designers Natasha Samoylenko, Dwane Maxwell

Web Designer Seth Hillinger

Illustrator David Trumpf

Photo Editor Jean Shin

Style Editor Joseph Delate

Copy Editor Tedra Meyer

Chris Cassidy
Chris Cassidy is a photographer whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, and The New York Times. He is also the director of the documentary, Dear Barbra.

Cameron Chesney
New York-based illustrator/cartoonist Cam Chesney is currently working on a graphic novel adaptation of his stage play, Daphne.

Ryann Cooley
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Ryann Cooley, a photographer based in Manhattan, shoots product and still-life photographs for companies as diverse as Delta Airlines and Levi Strauss.

Richard Gehr
Richard Gehr, lives and writes about music in Brooklyn for The Village Voice, Blender, and Tracks—but he still says he’s from Oregon.

Maria Kostaki
After many years in NY, freelance writer and editor Maria Kostaki recently returned to Athens.

Jesse Kornbluth
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Jesse Kornbluth writes for many magazines including Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and The New York Times, as well as the blogs Head and Swami Uptown. Books include Highly Confident: The Crime and Punishment of Michael Milken and Airborne: The Triumph and Struggle of Michael Jordan.

Dimitris Maniatis
Cover, Fashion
Athens-born and London-schooled Dimitris Maniatis shoots fashion, photojournalism, and advertising campaigns for many companies and magazines including Elle, Madame Figaro, Toyota and Vodafone.

Tedra Meyer
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Tedra Meyer is a New York-based freelance journalist and copyeditor covering art, books, and technology. When she’s not on her laptop, she’s usually walking her dog, Baron von Brooklyn.

Phil Patton
Phil Patton is one of America’s top automotive and design writers, regularly reporting for many magazines and newspapers from ID, Wired, and The New York Times. Author of many books including Bug: The Strange Mutations of the World’s Most Famous Automobile and Dreamland: Travels Inside Roswell and Area 51, Phil also wrote the definitive book on the Voyager space craft, Voyager, with Burt Rutan and Jeana Yeager.

Jennifer Saba
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A New York-based writer and editor (and Texan native), Jennifer is currently an editor at Editor & Publisher.

Tom Vanderbilt
Tom Vanderbilt lives in Brooklyn, and writes for many magazines on design, including ID, Wired, and The New York Times.