Remember the “sneakernet” era? Back in the days when floppy disks were de rigueur, you’d run a floppy to your neighbor in lieu of an ethernet connection. Flash drives mounted to USB connectors permanently rocked the sneakernet world—and now the sneakernet is growing to global proportions with USB flash drives that can replicate your computer or even turn it into a telephone. Take Voicestick: It uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to convert phone calls into data via your broadband Internet connection. Once you’ve purchased the Voicestick, pay as you go or buy a dirt-cheap prepaid plan, and then gab to your heart’s delight. Ceedo and U3 are two other USB-based flash tools that bring all your favorite software applications to your USB drive. Plug your Ceedo or U3 thumbdrive into any PC, and it will magically turn that computer into your home PC—and you’ll never have to put your sneakers on. —Ian Daly

Samsung’s sleek X11 notebook PC has a dual core CPU
that proves two heads are better than one.