Leaf Forward
Leaf it to Herman Miller to turn the humble tasklamp into a glowing sculpture...

Stick Up
Remember the “sneakernet” era?

Yo, Neat
It sounds like a mouthful but Cableyoyo will save you plenty of heartache...

Paper Sun
Origami is good for more than just making paper cranes.
King Kat
To the uninitiated, Kattbank
is yet another modern bench...
Zaha Hadid
Guggenheim Museum
New York
Through October 25
Top Tabletop
Even though Kartell is one of Italy’s biggest furniture manufacturers...
Simply Brilliant
Two years ago, Frank Yang, Simplehuman’s CEO and design director, revolutionized the humble garbage can...
Zip Zap Tap
In 1975, Zip, an Australian manufacturer of low-pressure water heaters and boilers, introduced the world’s first instant boiling water heater.
Whirled Peas
This elegantly dimpled dinner plate from UK-based Soop Group (a.k.a. Wai-Lian Scannell) celebrates the joy of playing with your food.
The super-sleek aesthetics of postmodern design don’t always leave room for rockin’ out on the dance floor.
Honeybee LED
Imagine a flat panel TV screen you walk on and interact with—a touchscreen for your feet.
Dry It Out
Don’t sweat the rain. Or the cold.
Speed Secrets
For most boys—maybe quite a few girls too—there’s nothing cooler than a Formula One race car...

Vox Pop
What would you do with Samsung’s new
BD-P1000 Blu-Ray DVD player?

Yesterday’s dandy has nothing on today’s digital man.