Suitcase Story
Durability might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Samsonite luggage...

Bend Here
HThe hot Swedish design firm, Form us with Love, takes the idea of production efficiency to the extremes...

Panorama:Eva Hesse
Through July 15
The Drawing Center,

Renowned Dutch design firm GRO Design, proves that you don’t have to make noise to turn heads....
No Hard Feelings
Video games are great at mimicking the visual experience of your favorite sport.
Darth Paintball
Up until the 1980s, paintballers only had workshop goggles for protection....
Get a Grip
Made from a unique polyurethane that offers the perfect combination of durability, flexibility, and heat tolerance...
Need a hot rock shoe? Put your foot in Montrail’s new Wasabi rock shoe....
Rope Rage
The rock junkies at BlueWater found a way to make a rope that will handily outperform the competition
Tom Dixon wanted to make a product that turned the user into the designer...
Lost in the Stars
Even with an expensive telescope, finding your way around the night sky is complicated.
Into the Vortexx
It’s inspired by a “vision of an infinite ribbon of light,”...
Rosemary Hallgarten’s rugs are full of contradiction....
Green Machine
Erratic work schedules and frequent business trips have been the cause of many houseplants’ demise.

Snake Stream
Distilling something to its purest, functional form needn’t sacrifice its beauty.

Torben Vestergaard Frandsen found a way to save lives for $3 a pop.
Vox Pop
What would you do with Samsung’s new
SP-P300MKM portable digital projector?
Get ready to shed that winter weight with the latest fitness gear—and a little help from Samsung.