Samsung’s new portable digital projector turns any flat surface into a 13 to 63 inch wide screen for your documents, images, and movies. What would you do with it?

Kate Thompson and Daniel Ward Students
“Brilliant! We could send our mates pictures of the concerts we’ve been to over here.”
Harold George, 31
Stephanie Gaito, 25
“Think of pulling this out at a client meeting: just show ’em the numbers, larger than life. That’ll get ’em.”
Mollie Boyle, 34
“This is so small, you could go to a client’s office without having to rely on their AV equipment.”
Trevor Myers, 34
Kayla Myers, 6

She: Pictures of mommy and daddy.
He: Where?
She: On the ceiling. Of MY room!
Matt McGowan, 35
“At this stage of my life, I’d turn my living room into a movie theater dedicated to one puppet: Elmo.”


The Samsung SP-P300MKM portable digital projector