Double Your Fun
Just three months after Samsung jolted the memory chip industry by launching a 1GByte MMCmicrochip for mobile phones, the company is now introducing a new 2Gbyte MMCmicrochip. The new fingernail-sized card (12mm x 14mm x 1.1mm) is 3.5 times faster than other cards and provides the highest transmission speed of any removable memory card. Believe it or not, that’s enough to store 12 hours of mobile video and download three hours of video in under two minutes. With an adapter that allows the card to be plugged into any multimedia card slot, the new 1Gbyte and 2Gbyte cards will change the way you think about carrying your mobile memories.

Together again
You can’t argue with success, and with the results from their previous joint manufacturing agreement so fruitful, Samsung and Sony apparently have decided to collaborate again. With the partners’ 7th generation TFT-LCD production plant a global success—and demand for LCD TVs continuing to explode—the partners are now planning for a new 8th generation amorphous TFT-LCD panel production line at Tangjeong, ChungCheongNam-Do, Korea. The new plant, which is backed by a $2 billion investment and is due to open in Fall 2007, will pump out 50,000 new glass panels in the 2,200 x 2,500 mm range each month. For consumers (as well as the partners), that translates into lower costs and bigger and better TVs and technologies.

NYT reveals new Samsung R&D plans
If you read The New York Times, you may have seen a story on the front-page of the Business section in late April, detailing Samsung’s plans to invest $40 billion in research and development during the next five years, double what it spent in the preceding five years. According to the newspaper, Samsung executives are working hard to develop even more hit products in order to sustain the company’s amazing gains. The article tells how Samsung has leapfrogged one competitor after another, achieving record numbers of patents, and true feats of R&D along the way. “Samsung,” says the article, is that “rare corporate giant that remains nimble on its feet. It excels at identifying new technologies and business opportunities early...”

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Thinking thin
For some mobile phone users, there’s never been a phone that is truly thin enough—until now. In a feat of engineering, Samsung has slimmed the mobile down to an astonishing 6.9mm (under
one-quarter of an inch thick)—the world’s thinnest mobile phone. Weighing just 66 grams, the Samsung SGH-X820—which received its debut at Russia’s Sviaz ExpoComm 2006—combines lightweight materials (including highly durable fiberglass-infused plastic) and a truly comfortable and easy-to-use keypad uncompromised by the size. Indeed, beneath the X820’s hard shell is a phone packed with features, including a 2-megapixel camera, document viewer,
TV-output, an MP3 player (with 80MB of embedded memory), and digital amp. And a wide, horizontal widescreen makes the tiny X820 perfect for video and TV-on-demand. Which is a good thing because the X820 is joined by the Samsung SGH-D900, the world’s slimmest slider phone, at just 13mm thick. With a powerful 3.13-megapixel camera and Bluetooth stereo headset support, the D900 is just the thing for watching streaming videos of skinny models.

Danza Goes Digital
Tony Danza: sitcom actor, talk show host, singer, boxer, and all-round regular guy. Now Danza is adding another claim to fame to that long list of accomplishments. As the first national spokesperson for Samsung’s Hope for Education, a unique philanthropic program designed to better educate U.S. elementary, middle, and high school students, Danza is helping lead the way for America’s schools to become more competitive through new digital technologies and software. Established in partnership with Microsoft Corporation, Samsung’s 2006 Hope for Education program will provide over $2 million worth of technology and software to U.S. K-12 schools nationwide. The Hope for Education essay contest will raise awareness of new digital tools—the contest runs to the end of June at
—and Tony Danza’s School Makeover Program will bring much needed infusions of digital technology to need-based schools!