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MagicTune User's manual
CDT Monitor LCD Monitor Color Calibration Asset Management MagicTune 1.0 for Mac
LCD Monitor
Makes the entire screen brighter or darker. The detailed data of the images in the dark areas can be lost if the brightness is not adjusted to the proper level. Adjust the brightness for best viewing conditions.
Adjusts the difference in brightness between the bright and dark areas on screen. Determines the crispness of the images.
Lists all display resolutions supported by the program.
MagicBright꽓 is a new feature providing the optimum viewing environment depending on the contents of the image you are watching. Currently four different modes are available: Text, Internet,Game, Sport, Movie and Custom. Each mode has its own pre-configured brightness value. You can easily select one of six settings by simply pressing MagicBright control buttons.
1. Text : For documentations or works involving heavy text.
2. Internet : For working with a mixture of images such as text and graphics.
3. Game : For watching motion pictures such as a Game.
4. Sport : For watching motion pictures such as a Sport.
5. Movie : For watching motion pictures such as a DVD or Video CD.
6. Custom : Although the values are carefully chosen by our engineers, the pre-configured values may not be comfortable to your eyes depending on your taste. If this is the case, adjust the Brightness and Contrast by using the OSD menu.
Adjusts the "warmth" of the monitor background or image color.
Color Tone
The tone of the color can be changed.
Warm2 - Warm1 - Cool 1 - Cool 2 - Cool 3 - Cool 4 - Cool 5 - Cool 6 - Cool 7
Color Control
Adjusts of the monitor image color.
You can change the monitor color to your desired color.
R- G - B
The process through which the colors of your choice are optimized and maintained. You will find MagicTune extremely useful if you are one of those who wish to view images with their full details accurately reproduced - including web images and ones produced by a digital camera or scanner.
MagicColor is a new technology that Samsung has exclusively developed to improve digital image and to display natural color more clearly without disturbing image quality.
1. OFF : Returns to the original mode.
2. DEMO : The screen before applying MagicColor appears on the right and the screen after applying MagicColor appears on the left.
3. Full : Displays not only vivid natural color but also more realistic natural skin color with clearness.
4. Intelligent : Displays vivid natural color with clearness.
The MagicZone ensures the clear and sharp display of animated multimedia or photo images by enhancing the brightness, sharpness, saturation, Hue of a certain area on the screen. This offers an easy-to-use interface that highlights the video-playing portion of your multimedia program by automatically detecting and highlight the desired area by dragging.
When the mouse cursor is activated( )and it is necessary to de-activate it to use it for other tasks, right click your mouse, or put the activated cursor ( )on the taskbar and click. When de-activated, the icon on the screen changes back to the one shown before activation.
Especially, MagicZone is appropriate to using the moving picture.
Auto Detect : If you run the Movie in some players, MagicZone will automatically get the play screen highlighted (it will be supported in players of Gom, Adrenalin, KCP, Window Media, and Power DVD etc., )Some other players also can be highlighted but could have some problems.
Task menu
Adjust the tint of the color.
Adjusts the color saturation.
Adjusts the Brightness.
Adjusts the difference between the lightest and darkest areas of the display.
Zone Off
Turn off the zone that you have captured.
Returns to the the default setting that vendor has set
Adjusts the gamma value.
This refers to the process that optimizes the color according to the user's needs and maintains the optimized color. MagicTune will be helpful for users wishing to view images including web images, as well as pictures taken by a digital camera or scanner through Windows.

Saturation - To adjust the chroma.
Hue - To adjust the color tone.
Reset - To reset the monitor settings to the factory defaults.

Adjusts the Fine , Coarse and Position values.
Image Setup
Fine : Removes noise such as horizontal stripes. If the noise persists even after Fine tuning, repeat it after adjusting the frequency (clock speed).
Coarse : Removes noise such as vertical stripes. Coarse adjustment may move the screen image area. You may relocate it to the center using the Horizontal Control menu.
Auto Setup : Auto adjustment allows the monitor to self-adjust to the incoming video signal. The values of fine, coarse and position are adjusted automatically.
Adjusts the screen location horizontally and vertically.
Changes the clearance of image.
Loads the Preferences Dialog Box. Preferences in use will have a "V" in the check box. To turn on or off any Preference, position the cursor over the box and click.
Enable task tray menu.
   - To access the MagicTune menus, click the icon on the [task tray menu].
     The menus are not displayed if the [Enable System Tray] is deselected in [Options] ' [Basic Settings].
Select Language - The language chosen affects only the language of the OSD.
Source Select
Color Weakness
This refers to the process that optimizes the color and maintains the optimized color through a Partial Color Blindness Test.
Since this program is an informal diagnostic program, the diagnostic result may be incorrect and the program cannot be used as a substitute for diagnosing complete color blindness. For an accurate examination, consult your local physician. For a better diagnostic result, 1280 * 1024 pixels for a 17 or 19 inch screen are recommended. Resetting the color is also recommended.

Off - To cancel Partial Color Blindness Mode.
Custom - Partial Color Blindness Test
Reset - To reset the monitor settings to the factory defaults.
Color Weakness Examination - To start the Color Weakness Examination.

Visit the MagicTune website or click to open the Help files (User Manual) if you need any help installing or running MagicTune. The User Manual opens within a basic browser window.
Asset ID
You can use the server to control the Client monitor. (Server program should be installed to use this program as Client)
User Name
Shows the user name that is registered in PC.
User ID
Shows the user ID that is register in PC.
Server IP
Write down the server IP.
Write down the department.
Write down the location.
Displays the version of MagicTune.
The specifications are subject to change without notices.
MagicTune꽓 is a tradmark of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
All other product tradmarks mentioned in this document may be registered Tradmarks of their respective companies.
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