Quantum dot display picture quality

Quantum dot
Thoroughly lifelike picture quality. This is TV.

You can almost feel the warm breeze as you soar over the incredibly clear ocean that shifts colour from lustrous emerald green to sparking aqua blue. When the sun sets, the world is awash in fiery red and delicate orange with a hint of pink. With the Samsung SUHD TV, you’re able to enjoy all of this, and more, from the comfort of your living room. That’s thanks to SUHD TV’s Quantum dot display.

Quantum dots are nano-sized particles that express different colours depending on their size. And by combining them with 10-bit panels, SUHD TV is able to express an impressively wide range of colour shades that come together to create the most realistic and accurate colour. SUHD TVs also employ HDR 1000 technology which expresses a wide range of luminance so you can see the details even in the brightest and the darkest areas in an image. What this all means is that what you see in the real world, you’ll get on SUHD TV.

Quantum dot colour picture quality
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HDR 1000 (High Dynamic Range Technology)
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No burn-in

Fresh footprints in the snow bring a sense of joy. Residual prints on your TV screen however are a completely different matter. SUHD TV’s display removes all traces of the past so you can revel in the moment.

Long life span

What if the colours on your TV start to fade after just three years? With SUHD TV that’s something you never have to worry about. See everything the way it’s supposed to for a long, long time.


With the entire family gathered around in the living room, you’ll want to be picky about the materials used in the TV. Thankfully, innovative advances have made possible a TV that comes with no cadmium. It’s eco-friendly technology where you need it the most – in your home.

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