Picture quality with quantum dot colour off

Quantum dot
colour Thoroughly lifelike picture quality with more colours.
This is TV.

Whether it’s kayaking the fjords in Norway or browsing the latest line of clothing on the shopping channel, Quantum dots deliver colour that’s so accurate and pure, what you get on the screen is virtually the real thing.

Essentially, Quantum dots are incredibly tiny particles that emit different colours depending on their size. When you drop watercolour paint in clear water it creates the most striking colour. SUHD TV uses Quantum dots as a light source to produce the purest medium, which functions in the same way the clear water does, resulting in intensely accurate and vivid colour. And when Quantum dots meet 10-bit panels, you have 64 times the colour expression of conventional TV. That amounts to as much as one billion different shades.

And that’s why with Samsung’s SUHD TV, every adventure is that much more gripping and each experience very real.

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