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The Ultra PC for Your Workforce
A busy mobile workforce demands convenience and performance. The Samsung Series 5 Ultra delivers both in a slim and compact notebook. Its 1TB hard disk drive (HDD) provides ample capacity for storing resource material, presentations and files which can be accessed anywhere thanks to its lightweight design and long-lasting battery charge. Our Fast Boot feature with its rapid 20 second boot-up time enables employees to work effectively and efficiently. Performance is further enhanced by the full-size connectivity ports, integrated optical disk drive (ODD) and high-speed USB 3.0. Samsung BatteryLife Plus technology extends the battery life to up to 1,500 cycles in 3 years.

The Power of High Performance

Productivity and performance are key for a mobile workforce. The Series 5 Ultra compromises on neither with its full-size connectivity ports and 1TB storage capacity. For optimal convenience, 14 inch models also include an integrated ODD to make working outside the office even more effective and efficient. This ensures that business users have all the data and applications they need when they are on the move.

Connectivity without Compromise

The Series 5 Ultra contains all the built-in connectivity and full-size ports required to deliver efficiency and convenience for mobile business users. Thanks to its high-speed USB 3.0, full-size Video Graphics Array (VGA) and 4-in-1 memory card slot, the need for unwieldy adapters and dongles is eliminated. This simplified design does not in any way compromise the quality of this computer's performance.

On the Go without Stopping to Recharge

The Series 5 Ultra lets your workforce benefit from the extended power capacity of up to 8.1 hours on a single charge. This means that a mobile business user is able to work away from the office for extended periods without running the risk of losing power. Our BatteryLife Plus technology delivers reliability and reduces costs with up to 1,500 cycles over 3 years.

Solutions for a Faster Experience

Samsung Fast Solutions enhances business user's efficiency by cutting down on costly downtime. Enhanced boot-up times mean that users of the Series 5 Ultra are offered accelerated access to their PC, in as little as 10.5 and 11.2 seconds respectively for the 13 and 14 inch solid-state drive (SSD) versions. Furthermore, the Fast Start™ feature wakes the PC from sleep mode in less than two seconds, whilst Fast Browsing™ loads frequently viewed web pages two times faster.

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Better Performance and Better Technology

Our Samsung PC products are continually being celebrated by the world’s media for their outstanding performance. This includes “Product of the Year” awards from Wired (US), Mikro PC (Finland) and PC World (China and Poland).

A Trusted Brand

Through a dedication to quality, performance, technology, design and service, we have risen to become one of the fastest-growing PC vendors in the world. This has also helped us become the world's largest electronics company.

Worry-Free Service

At Samsung, we are committed to providing the best, most timely customer service in the industry, and we are proud to be recognised as a leader in this field by a number of publications.

Unrivalled Product Quality

We manufacture the majority of our laptop components, thereby guaranteeing their world-class standard. Our rigorous quality assurance programme and ISO-certified manufacturing process also ensure that only the very best products make it to the customer.