• Samsung MD65C is a large sized display with superb picture quality and interactivity for impactful information delivery
  • With the versatility to become a projector, interactive touch screen or whiteboard, the 65-inch large sized displays will help you effectively share your information with the audience anywhere: in the classroom, business conferences, and any place where you want to engage the audience


Enhance visual communication for increased productivity

Enhance visual communication for increased productivity
MD65C displays are an exceptional choice over projectors and screens for delivering content in a meeting room. Slim and light with narrow bezels, these digital signages are easy to handle and install. Unlike projected images in a darkened room, digital signage presentations retain picture quality with broad colour ratios, deep blacks and sharp images, even in bright light. Content shown on MD65C displays has virtually no distortion. Images aren’t blurred when the screen is touched. The presenter isn’t dazzled by light from a projector, nor does the presenter throw a shadow on the screen. The reduced light scatter and reduced reflection make the content easier to read, increasing audience concentration.
With all of these features, MD65C displays are the perfect alternatives for a projector or a screen, and what’s more, your presentation area is free from machinery and cables. Also, with no bulbs to replace and less overall maintenance than a projector, MD65C displays have a longer, easier-to-maintain life span.

Turn the digital signage into an e-Board for greater interaction

Turn the digital signage into an e-Board for greater interaction
Use the MD65C display as an interactive e-Board for engaging learning environment by installing an optional touch overlay and Samsung MagicIWB™ 2.0 software. With the overlay, the teacher can deliver dynamic information by drawing and writing directly on the screen. This visually engaging presentation increases students’ interest and fosters better interaction than with a whiteboard or blackboard. The content on the display are easy to read, thanks to the overlay’s anti-glare film. The film also provides a smooth handwriting surface and real handwriting feel to further enhance the information delivery experience. Plus, the touch overlay doesn’t greatly affect the slim display depth, nor does it block the display’s narrow bezels. So even with the touch overlay installed, sleek MD65C display is a perfect complement to the classroom décor.
Combined with the optional Samsung MagicIWB™ 2.0 Basic, or Samsung MagicIWB™ 2.0 Full software providing more expansive support for content such as text, video, and presentation files, MD65C display can enrich the learning experience with increased interactivity. In addition, Samsung MagicIMS™ 2.0 software can also be purchased for effective control and management of the screen sharing between the Interactive WhiteBoard and the students’ PCs.

Create, display and manage content effortlessly with embedded Samsung Smart Signage Platform

Create, display and manage content effortlessly with embedded Samsung Smart Signage Platform
Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) is embedded within Samsung displays, providing the power of a dual-core CPU and a combination of media player and integrated display solution, MagicInfo™ Premium S player. The solution eliminates the need for additional PC modules, making installation and maintenance easier by providing all the necessary functions for display operation in a single display.
Using the included MagicInfo Premium S player, you can create, schedule, and deploy content effortlessly. Multiple types of content can be streamed simultaneously and continuously courtesy of the dual-core CPU and 4GB of storage, and a high performance video processor integrated on a single chip. Save more by paying less for a display integrated with a media player and premium management solution.
You can create multimedia and interactive content easily with pre-made templates. Customise your message using the intuitive user interface. Content can be played on multiple displays from a central PC, directly from internal storage or from a USB drive through plug and play. You can also efficiently monitor and schedule various types of content on multiple displays from one central location. These features of the embedded Samsung MagicInfo Premium S player come at no additional cost. With SSSP and the MagicInfo Premium S player, monitoring display status and controlling display operation have never been simpler.

Connect wirelessly to display multiple types of content

Connect wirelessly to display multiple types of content
There’s no need for wired cables to be connected from PC module or any other device to the display to transmit the content any more. Built-in Wi-Fi is standard with MD65C displays, achieved with the Intel® WiDi 2.0 (Wireless Display) platform. Use Device to Display function to clone content from the display to laptops, tablets or smartphones in the room, or from a device to the display. You can also play different content on each device and on the MD65C display. Without the need for wired connection, MD65C displays will decrease your cost of installation as well as simplify your operation of wall-mounted or housed displays. Plus, Full High Definition resolution and 5.1 channel audio support are included for high-quality video, image and audio transfers, helping you deliver impressive presentations to the audience.

Upgrade content display with advanced management software in optional PC module

Upgrade content display with advanced management software in optional PC module
MD65C displays support a detachable Setback Box-C (SBB-C) and Plug-in Module-B (PIM-B) PC module in which MagicInfo™ Premium i and MagicIWB software can be installed for enhanced digital signage use suited to diverse settings and needs. With these optional PC modules attached to the display, you can use advanced content management features for your business and education purposes while saving space and reducing clutter. To use the signage as e-board, plug in the optional PIM-B pre-installed with MagicIWB™ Basic, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced interaction.

Increase display flexibility with auto image rotation

Increase display flexibility with auto image rotation
Whether you create content in portrait or landscape mode, you can rotate it without reworking the content. MD65C displays support a pivot and image rotation function that displays content vertically or horizontally, without image distortion. Conveniently rotate your content automatically with two display options: original ratio and full ratio. These options preserve image quality when the images are rotated, with no loss of ratio.

Keep your message playing with automatic source switching

Keep your message playing with automatic source switching
The Auto Source Switching feature on MD65C displays maintains virtually continuous, seamless content display. This feature automatically changes the display from one content source to another when the original source fails. Source recovery enables a content source to be used as a backup for ongoing play when another source is unavailable. This flexibility ensures that your business content remains available when you need it.

Control connectivity with multiple options

Control connectivity with multiple options
MD65C displays offer powerful connectivity, with RJ45 and RS-232 connections that can be used simultaneously. Using a DVI loop out, a single presentational image can be shared with nearby digital signages. This feature eliminates the need to purchase separate video signal distributors for each display, further reducing equipment costs.
MD65C displays also support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) by using a DisplayPort® 1.2 interface. With the HDCP support, LiveTV®, Blu-ray Disc™ and other HDCP content can be presented without an HDCP distributor.

Apply the setting easily on multiple screens with Magic Clone

With Samsung Magic Clone, you can easily apply consistent settings to displays in multiple locations, without the cumbersome effort of setting up displays one at a time. Programme one display with settings such as volume, brightness and more and save the settings onto a USB or external drive. Then simply plug the USB or external drive into each new display to copy the settings.



  • H-Scanning Frequency

    30 ~ 81kHZ
  • Maximum Pixel Frequency

  • V-Scanning Frequency

    48 ~ 75HZ


  • Diagonal Size

  • Type

    120Hz LED BLU
  • Resolution

    1920 x 1080 (16:9)
  • Pixel Pitch(mm)

    0.248 (H) x 0.744 (V)
  • Active Display Area

    1,428.48 (H) x 803.52 (V)
  • Brightness

  • Contrast Ratio (Dynamic)

  • Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)

    170 / 160° (CR > 10)
  • Response Time (G-to-G)

  • Display Color

  • Color Gamut

    10bit Dithering - 1.07 Billion 
  • Contrast Ratio




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    • Quick Guide
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