Protected by Defense-grade Security

Superior Security at Power-on

Working at home or on the move may pose significant security threats to your business. However, equipped with the KNOX 2.6 platform, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge delivers defense-grade security with real-time kernel monitoring and protection - as well as preloaded anti-virus software from the moment the device is powered on.

A 'Worldwide Certification' icon, showing a globe inside a circle; a 'Hardened Security' icon, showing a padlock on a smartphone screen inside a circle; a 'Defense-grade Encryption' icon, showing a padlock on a circuit board inside a circle.
An image showing a Galaxy S7 edge device, as well as five images of the device's screen stacked on top of one another, intended to represent multiple layers of the device's security protection. These are labelled: 'KNOX Container', 'SE for Android', 'TIMA', 'Trusted Boot' and 'Hardware Root of Trust'.

Certified by governments worldwide

Samsung KNOX has successfully met the rigorous security requirements set by governments and major enterprises around the world, ensuring business users receive the most robust mobile security available.

A map showing some of the countries and organizations that have certified KNOX. The countries and organizations are: USA, Canada, UK, France, Finland, China, Australia and Common Criteria (global).

* The list of governments and organizations that have approved KNOX may be expanded at a later date.

Powered by Productivity

Storage Expansion Options

Does your business mobility require an extra boost in terms of device memory? Equipped with a microSD card slot, you can expand your Galaxy S7 edge's storage capacity easily to an impressive 200GB.

A close-up detail of the Galaxy S7 edge (black), showing a microSD card inside the device's microSD slot, along with the text 'microSD support'.

Improved Battery Power and Rapid Charging

Worried about your devices running out of power while you are working on essential business tasks? Never fret about battery life issues again - thanks to increased battery capacity, faster and easier charging.

An icon showing a battery charged to 100%, as well as the text 'Full Charging 3,600mAh'; an icon showing a smartphone charging via cable connection, as well as the text 'Wired 100 mins'; and an icon showing a bolt of electricity, as well as the text 'Wireless 155 mins'.

* Wireless Charger sold separately
** Recharge times may vary according to individual usage patterns

An image showing a Galaxy S7 edge device recharging on a wireless charger.

Dust and Water-resistant

The IP68-certified Galaxy S7 edge provides users with dependable protection against dust and water. Enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that Galaxy S7 edge won't let you down in even the most challenging of conditions.

* Protected against entry of solid foreign objects and harmful ingress of water at up to 1.5 meters, for up to 30 minutes. According to accredited test results, individual results may vary.

An image showing a glass of water that has just been spilled over a Galaxy S7 edge device on a desk next to a document. An icon with the text 'IP68' in it is also shown.

Conference Call Management and Advanced Email Features

Easy-access access conference call and access code recognition buttons eliminate the need to memorize or re-enter call and authentication information. Enable email encryption and set limits on email attachment/body size.

An image showing an office worker writing on a document. On his wrist is a smart watch that is receiving a conference call notification from a paired Galaxy S7 edge device, which is shown beside the worker, with a conference call notification on its screen.

Trusted for Manageability

Enterprise Device Program

Maximize your business performance with a specialized B2B service package.

Monthly Security Updates

Safeguard your devices and networks with monthly Samsung and Androidâ„¢ security patches.

2-Year Purchase Assurance

Businesses can purchase Galaxy S7 edge products for up to two years from launch date.

An image showing a man in a suit pressing a screen icon (with a line protruding to the left) that reads '2-Year Purchase Assurance' and portrays some documents with the number '2' on them. Next to this icon is an icon (with a line protruding to the right) that reads 'Security Updates' and shows a padlock with the word 'Monthly' on it.

Comprehensive Device Management

Businesses can easily enroll devices to an MDM* platform. Compatible with 120+ MDM solutions and 600+ MDM policies**, making for easy adoption into their existing MDM and corporate security policies.

* Mobile Device Management
** Actual MDM policies may vary by MDM provider

An image showing a Galaxy S7 edge device with the words 'MDM Solution' on its screen. Next to it are the following icons: a computer screen with the words 'IT Admin' next to it, a Wi-Fi icon with the words 'Wi-Fi Connect' next to it, a box with an arrow coming out of it with the word 'MDM' next to it, a padlock with the word 'VPN' next to it and a smartphone with the words 'Ready to Work' next to it.

* Mobile Device Management
** Actual MDM policies may vary by MDM provider