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Speedy Diagnoses For a fast Car

Samsung's Smart Driving Solution has been a success with Toyota Camry. Using the GALAXY Tab 7.0, it has improved customer satisfaction as it's a smart device that can be used for better maintenance services, ensures a healthy relationship with the customer and is also the perfect marketing tool for Samsung.


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Company Overview



Customer Profile
Toyota Motor Korea is a Korean subsidiary established by Toyota Motor Corporation in March, 2000.


Smart Driving

GALAXY Tab 7.0 plus


New smart device for promoting Toyota’s new model
Toyota Motor Korea’s marketing team was looking for a perfect smart device for the Toyota Camry, which would reflect the current vehicle-IT convergence trend in the automotive industry.

Drivers’ growing need to use their personal mobile devices
Customers increasingly want to use their own mobile devices in vehicles and not the traditional automotive navigation system that is normally provided. Therefore, as a new trend in the automotive industry, many of the newly launched cars are being offered with smart phones or tablet PCs.

Better communication with customers
Toyota Korea needed to secure a direct communication channel with their customers, in order to collect mileage information for better customer relationship management and customized maintenance services.

Business Solution

Toyota Motor Korea has chosen GALAXY Tab 7.0 plus for its new Camry, reflecting the current vehicle-IT convergence trend and having the goal to improve customer satisfaction. GALAXY Tab 7.0 plus featuring the Smart Driving automotive solution enables Toyota Motor Korea to collect vehicle information in the field from the device and use it for better maintenance services and marketing activities.


GALAXY Tab 7.0 plus featuring the Smart Driving solution
In June 2011, we first proposed the adoption of GALAXY Tab to Toyota Motor Korea. After discussions between the automotive manufacturer’s marketing, IT, and customer service teams, the carmaker decided to use GALAXY Tab 7.0 plus featuring the Smart Driving automotive solution. Toyota Motor Korea conducted promotional campaigns and provided user manuals and other information, such as gas mileage ranking, using this unique automotive solution.

Supply and repackaging by Korea HQ’s B2B team and B2B distributors
GALAXY Tab 7.0 plus has delivered an optimized package for the Camry, consisting of Toyota Motor Korea’s theme and relevant content. The automaker introduced its first ever Camry that was equipped with the GALAXY Tab Toyota Camry on January 18, 2012.


Stronger customer satisfaction through speedy maintenance services
Toyota Korea has collected data on the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and the customer’s driving style through the OBD2 car diagnostics system. With this information, the company has provided excellent, fast maintenance services, achieving improved customer satisfaction.

New marketing tool
The automaker is able to give its customers the required vehicle and manufacturer information through GALAXY Tab which contains the company’s theme and relevant content. At the same time, Toyota Motor Korea also can collect a wide range of customer information to conduct more effective marketing activities.

Closer communication with customers
More accessible communication channels such as a direct link to social network services, alarms, and links to websites have been added to the communication gateway. This has led to stronger relations with customers and more effective promotional campaigns.

Smart lifestyle leader
The new Camry equipped with Samsung’s advanced mobile device offers a chance for the driver to enjoy the use of a cutting edge technology.

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