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Samsung introduces Samsung small signage: 6 things business owners should know



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Samsung introduces Samsung small signage: 6 things business owners should know
All business owners, from local to corporate businesses, are highly sensitive to industry trends, and the implementation of digital display solutions is one of those trends. You’ve seen them around – maybe checked out a menu on one, or looked at a bus schedule on another. Well, we have an exciting update.
Samsung introduces Samsung small signage: 6 things business owners should know
Recently Samsung has introduced Samsung small signage, which offers alternatives to the A3 tabloid- and letter-sized papers that are commonly used for retail signage, bulletin boards and menu boards in the analog signage market.

Samsung small signage comes in 21.5-inch and 10.1-inch sizes and consists of 4 models (DB22D, DB22D-P, DB22D-T and DB10D).

And here is why this is exciting new for businesses such as retail, hospitality, corporate and public businesses — particularly SMBs(Small and Medium-sized businesses) and SOHO(Small Office/Home Office) owners:
Samsung small signage DB22D_Front_Black
It makes content management simple and convenient
Samsung small signage is equipped with MagicInfo S2 Player, which is an embedded content authoring, content management and media player-on-chip solution. Businesses can create personalized content from a range of pre-made templates that are applicable to various industries using a web-based authoring tool.
It is versatile and performs at a high-speed
Samsung small signage features the SSSP2, second generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP). It is powered by a quad-core System-on Chip (SoC) processor technology, which delivers double the processing power of SSSP 1—boosting performance, convenience, simplicity of use and versatility.
It works without a PC
SSSP2 provides functions that do not require a separate PC, including an interactive, PC-less Touch interface, PC-less video wall management and PC-less DataLink support.

An optional capacitive touch solution, available on the DB22D-T model, features a user-friendly 10-point touch screen, providing users with a smooth touch experience and eliminating the need for additional controllers. (Note: Touch solution is optional with models DB22D-P and DB10D.)

The DB22D-T model provides end-users with a better touch solution due to dust resistance and strong durability.
It has a built-in Wi-Fi module.
Samsung small signage can connect between a PC, smart phone and MagicInfo server, to simplify the work process of content setup, management and deployment. Businesses can effortlessly create and update promotional materials at any time, upload using a mobile device or PC, and then deploy content using the built-in Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct or USB connection.
Samsung small signage lifestyle image 3
It supports wall mounts.
Installation is user friendly with optional VESA-supported wall mounts that make hanging Samsung small signage simple.
It is reliable.
Samsung small signage guarantees 16 hours of continuous operation time and comes with a three-year warranty.
Samsung small signage lifestyle image 2
So there you have it – if you’re in the small business world, we’re sure this article has already got your creative juices flowing on how to use Samsung Small Signage. So why not give it a shot?

*All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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