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Samsung has been working with the Hospitality Industry and here is how you might have experienced it



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Samsung has been working with the Hospitality Industry and here is how you might have experienced it
If business trips are fun for you, you are a lucky person. But many people will agree that business trips tend to be tiring and exhausting… right? Therefore, people are always looking for better services from hospitality businesses. Samsung has been working closely with the hospitality businesses to make people’s experience better and we would like to tell you how.

Now, imagine you are on a business trip and you just arrived at the front desk of your hotel.
For Hotels, it is all about the first impression.
After long hours of traveling, you make your way to the hotel from the airport. You enter the hotel as the bellhop opens the door for you, you are greeted by the enormous video wall, which makes you feel like you entered into a different world, but intrigued and subtle enough to feel comfortable.
Samsung has been working with the Hospitality Industry and here is how you might have experienced it
The impressive video wall here is Samsung`s Smart Signage Videowall solution. Businesses can connect up to 100 LFDs ("55" LED Super Narrow Bezel Display) across the entire wall. The super slim bezel can really make an impressive video wall.
If you are a Hotel, wouldn`t you like to make them stay longer?
Exhausted from the long hours of traveling, you deserve a little relaxation. You want to watch a movie, but you don’t know which one, therefore, you want some selections. This is when Samsung SMART HUB comes in to help you out, which of course is connected to the Samsung LYNK SINC 3.0.
Samsung has been working with the Hospitality Industry and here is how you might have experienced it
The Samsung LYNK SINC 3.0 is a content management solution, which makes guests feel at home with premium content and applications. Using this solution, guests can have access to local information such as traffic, maps, tourist attractions, weather information, and even flight information. It offers a variety of the  latest and classic movies of your taste, which your TV at home doesn’t.

Or maybe you want a get a spa/massage treatment. Without having to look up services, you call the front desk and make an appointment for tonight instantly. This service is called Samsung’s LYNK REACH 3.0 solution, which is a template that supports advertisements with live channels for broadcasting in public hotel areas, such as displays in lobbies and restaurants, making it easy for guests to get to know the local area better. It is a flexible, easy to use, and a low cost software solution for better managing and maintaining guest room TV content. Guests can access a variety of information that the hotel wishes with an intuitive user interface.
One thing that can help your restaurant be more memorable and it is not food
Before a great presentation tomorrow, it is time to load up on tasty food. You are not sure what you want, but you know you want to go somewhere that makes it easy for you to make choices. Somewhere where you can see all the menus, today’s specials and prices at once in a very sophisticated way. Fortunately, the restaurant has all the info you need presented in the big screen (probably a 75 inch) on the bright back lighting and a striking white bezel. Sophisticated, yet convenient.
Samsung has been working with the Hospitality Industry and here is how you might have experienced it
Maybe what you saw is the Samsung DMD Smart Signage. Samsung DMD Smart Signage is an innovative display that enhances business messaging through 24/7 professional displays with a powerful 2nd Generation SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform) and wide product range in various sizes (including 32-, 40-, 48-, 55-, 65-, 75- inches).

2nd Generation SSSP (Samsung Smart Signage Platform 2) is an embedded all-in-one solution that enables users to operate displays easily with simplified set up and deployment. With built-in Wi-Fi, users can transfer, play, share, and schedule contents to the video wall or standalone DMD Smart Signage Series without physical cables between the content source and the display.
If you need to impress people at the meeting, present impressively
Now, the big day. It is game time. You are about to go in for the important client meeting in the conference room with the board of directors of the company. This might be the single most important meeting of your life; therefore, you must do whatever to impress the rest. You know your ideas are unique and effective, so your pitch needs to be so as well. What can you do?
Samsung has been working with the Hospitality Industry and here is how you might have experienced it
Use the e-board with Samsung Magic IWB 3.0 Solution and the Magic Presenter. Samsung Magic IWB 3.0 Solution is a software platform that enables presenters to create a large digital whiteboard solution using multiple devices on one screen. The Magic Presenter is a laser-less presenter tool that is compatible with the solution. Higher level of readability with greater brightness and full high definition quality make it easy people to stay focused.

Moreover, these allow clients (or anybody in the room) to comment or note on the presentation slides after the presentation. You can also brainstorm ways to optimize the project with everyone, with each writing ideas directly on the e-Board. After all, “engagement and collaboration” are what you are looking for in an important meetings right?

In the end, this imaginary trip was a success. Work trips always have the potential of being stressful affairs, but things can be done to add some comfort and convenience to it and Samsung can help the businesses in the hospitality sector to do so with Samsung hospitality vertical solutions. Find more information on the solutions here.

*All functionality features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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