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Case Study Speedy Diagnoses For a fast Car

Samsung's Smart Driving Solution has been a success with Toyota Camry. Using the GALAXY Tab 7.0, it has improved customer satisfaction as it's a smart device that can be used for better maintenance services, ensures a healthy relationship...

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Case Study The Next Level In Communication

With the introduction of a superior integrated communication system compatible with the Samsung GALAXY S II, public sector organisations across Europe are able to streamline cooperation between office administrators and mobile field teams.

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Case Study High-Performing Census Utility

Throughout the UAE, policy makers, government officials and other public sector workers are effectively implementing a high-performing survey tool that records accurate, real-time census information directly onto the GALAXY Tab.

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Case Study Real Time Train Traffic Alerts

Samsung, along with its partners successfully provided the most reliable solutions so that employees could review real-time information while on the train, and also communicate with each other on high-speed trains.

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Case Study From Laptop to Mobile Palmtop

With Samsung GALAXY S II features like Airwatch's MDM, the Andriod OS and hardware features like the AMOLED screen, technicians saw increased productivity compared to their laptops.

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Case Study Better Healthcare Guaranteed

With Samsung's Enterprise Mobility Solutions like Mobile EMR Solution, it is easy to take care of patients. Get real-time update of patient's records, communicate easily with medical staff and even get unlimited information about illnesses through multimedia.

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Case Study The Ultimate In Script Recognition

Thanks to a successful collaboration with Vision Objects, GALAXY Notes now enjoy superior cursive script recognition with MyScript technology, giving customers greater flexibility and ease of communication when using their smartphones.

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Case Study Timely Assistance Anytime

1,000 engineers in France were given the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 to improve customer relations and ensure their satisfaction. This was successfully achieved as the Tab allowed the engineers to provide swift assistance, whenever needed.

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