MagicInfo software gives you complete control of media content on Samsung large-format screens - supported by a global network of distributors and partners. Whether running single Samsung Built-in PC signage or multi-machine networks, it's simple to install and use, allowing effortless display control from a web-based portal. All fully optimised for Samsung Display, you enjoy the flexibility of full screen or Multi-Frame layouts, with added administrator functionality for greater control of local screens. Network health is constantly monitored, with errors rigorously logged, and alerts are automatically reported to highly-skilled technicians who deal with any issues quickly and effectively.

Interactive Contents Creation & Schedule

Create and schedule contents with MagicInfo-i Premium. Current touch content use other tools which have high costs. However, with this solution, it is easier to organise touch content effectively. Create playlists easily, changing the order simply using drag & drop. Style your content perfectly, with full control of transition effects, and securely back up existing work to return it safely whenever a customer requires it.

Data Link : real time DB connection

The MagicInfo i-Premium technology is a superior solution that enhances the performance of your LFD monitor by giving you increased flexibility and control over its features. It incorporates a real-time database connection (DB) facility that allows greater connectivity between your monitor and your central server, ensuring a seamless, reliable transfer of network data and content. This solution lets you maximise the potential of the LFD monitors by enhancing your ability to create, manage and present content.

Absolute Control And Management Of Samsung LFDs

MagicInfo-i Premium enables you to control every aspect of your LFD from the monitor display, from functions such as volume and brightness, to the internal operation of CPU, memory and network system information. Schedule jobs and monitor the state of each LFD in real-time, with the flexibility to control products individually or by group. Software management is made simple - you can register and update players remotely and schedule auto-updates for devices and firmware (for supported versions).

Flexible And User-Friendly Content Scheduling

MagicInfo-i Premium delivers user-friendly scheduling and publishing that takes no time. Organise content precisely, whether on a second or yearly basis, and choose from daily, weekly or monthly view. Customise your content, adding transition effects, hardware control signals (like volume, brightness, Panel on/off) and set BGM. Enjoy full control of schedule publishing to selected device groups with the flexibility to automatically reschedule with updated content or playlists to meet your requirements. All you have to do is drag and drop.

Samsung Signage Software for Content Management

Move between platforms and formats with ease - because MagicInfo-i Premium is compatible with a comprehensive range of Samsung Signage software, such as web-based, error detection logic and remote diagnostics.

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