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Flexible, real-time web conferencing transforms meetings by making them more efficient, productive and eco-friendly. WebEx combines desktop sharing through a web browser for both phone and video calls, meaning all attendees can focus on relevant information at the same time. Online meetings can be conveniently fitted into busy schedules. Unlike previous web-conferencing solutions, no set-up or equipment is required, minimising downtime. Mobile access means your organisation saves time and money on travel costs, enabling collaboration with distant colleagues and clients. This also has the added benefit of contributing to a business's green initiative by reducing its carbon footprint.
Efficient and Productive Meetings
Efficient and Productive Meetings
Cisco WebEx delivers streamlined web conferencing capabilities with no set-up or equipment required. Samsung Android users can save even more time by initiating a WebEx meeting during a call, adding participants directly from contacts lists. An integrated audio function enables fast communication and real-time knowledge sharing, while the document and application viewer, screen-sharing facility and live annotations allow successful collaboration. The private chat feature conveniently removes the need to arrange separate meetings. All of this combines to present an efficient and eco-friendly web-conferencing tool.
• Fast communication with one another, exchanging knowledge in real time
• Access anywhere: Save time and money in travel
• Easily collaborate with distant colleagues and clients
• Make your meetings more productive and successful
• Green initiative: To reduce carbon footprint
• Eliminate setup and equipment required by traditional web conferencing solution

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