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SAP StreamWork is a unified communications (UC) solution for businesses. Avoiding confusion caused by mass mailings, this single location for projects and information guarantees that all participants are fully informed and able to act quickly. Its fast, efficient interface allows the smooth exchange of ideas, encouraging effective communications between individuals inside and outside an organisation. Systematic management tools enable professionals to create strategies, analyse data and solve problems efficiently. SAP StreamWork simplifies workflow and decision-making, allowing businesses to improve internal communications and the project management process.
An Integrated Business Solution
An Integrated Business Solution
Bring your business data and communications together with the SAP StreamWork solution. Using extensions, professionals can create SAP StreamWork activity via email, enabling all invited participants to see, follow and contribute to discussions. The ability to add comments, pictures and notes to a single location facilitates effective collaboration between colleagues and other third parties, optimising project management processes. Agenda-setting and consensus tools boost productivity, helping to streamline and enhance decision-making. The system fosters quality and improves business practice by bringing together all relevant information and visual data into one place.
• Simplifies information flow and decision-making processes
• Prevents the miscommunication that may result from mass mailings, receiving errors, or the absence of key participants
• Fosters quality and business process improvements by encouraging data-oriented, objective decision-making
• Allows insight into the real issues and promotes efficient decision-making through data analysis and visualization
• Improves in-house communication and project management processes
• Creates a smooth collaboration environment with external business partners