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Industry SolutionSmart-School AutoGrade Solution


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As the educational industry keeps growing worldwide, it becomes more important to efficiently operate the educational businesses and protect data of not only the class materials but also personalized info of both students and faculties. The security issue becomes more sensitive during grading process. It is essential to improve grading process while securing the data and saving the costs at the same time.

Many educational institutions implement digital devices in order to facilitate and modify learning environment and students’ interaction in a class. This digitalized environment, including automatic grading and storing test contents and results, demands high security to protect the data. In addition, many educators still manually grade tests. The manual method may provide some insight, but it requires a lot of work hours and additional costs.
Automate the grading of quizzes, tests and exams to help increase instruction time
Automate the grading of quizzes, tests and exams to help increase instruction time
In order to help educators save their time on not only grading the tests but also creating the answer sheets without security concerns, Samsung has introduced Smart-School AutoGrade solution featuring SecuThru™ Lite, which is highly compatible with 3rd party’s grading solution to enable automatically scoring exams, quizzes and tests.
Pairing Samsung SecuThru™ Lite authentication software with 3rd party’s grading solution, educators can streamline the test grading process.
Solution Workflow
Solution Workflow
1. Create and design optical mark recognition (OMR) answer sheets with a 3rd party’s grading solution

2. More securely scan answer sheets into a Samsung multifunction printer (MFP) with Samsung SecuThru™ Lite for automatic grading using a 3rd party’s grading solution

3. Print or export matrices and reports
• Faster process cycle of creating and grading tests answer sheets.

• High security to protect both educational data and individual private data.