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System Air Conditioner SolutionsFresher Smelling Air for Restaurants


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Restaurants need a plentiful air supply and air balancing to prevent heat and food odors spreading from the kitchen to diners’ tables. But this can be a real challenge when faced with high ceilings and large shared areas. Samsung’s air conditioning solutions let you independently adjust and optimize the temperature and airflow in specific spaces, like the kitchen, while also centrally controlling and managing shared zones, such as dining area.
An extensive choice of indoor and outdoor units and controllers to suit different hotel spaces.
Perfectly control the temperature and airflow in multiple spaces – individually and independently.

Independent control of individual zones

Restaurants can waste a lot of energy and money if they can’t flexibly adjust the air conditioning to suit each of their operational areas. Samsung air conditioning solutions let you perfectly control the temperature and airflow in multiple spaces – individually and independently. This is especially good for compartmentalized restaurant buildings, with lobbies, dining areas, kitchens, back offices and meeting rooms, or where the hours of use vary and rooms are empty.
Enable highly personalized control of specific spaces and easy centralized control of key restaurant areas.

Easy to tailor and manage

Conventional HVAC systems just have a central control system, so it’s impossible to individually adjust their performance. Samsung air conditioning solutions feature Individual Controllers that enable highly personalized control of specific spaces, like kitchens. And there’s a Central Controller and easy to use Management System that can be used to monitor and tailor the conditions in a wide variety of key areas around the restaurant, such as dining rooms.
Create a pleasant, draught-free atmosphere for diners and prevents odors from spreading.

Fresher smelling restaurant areas

The last thing you want when you’re eating in a restaurant is to smell lingering food odors. So as well as creating a fresh and pleasant atmosphere for diners with a draught-free air distribution, the Samsung air conditioning solutions also prevent odors from spreading out. And by combining fresh air intake and air conditioning in a single system they're perfect for use in the restaurant’s kitchen.