The Samsung T10 HD camcorder makes shooting for long periods of time, effortless and easy. Its slim, compact and lightweight design assures ultimate comfort while recording. An innovative, active angle lens is slanted upwards, so capturing every moment is effortless and requires no strain on your part. You’ll shoot beautiful, high definition videos with a camcorder that’s not only ultra-compact, but sleek and stylish.

Smart design, stunning style.

The T10 camcorder was designed to capture memories in comfort and in style. It boasts an ultra compact size, a lightweight body and a brushed metal finish creating a subtle but sophisticated look and feel. In fact, its smooth curves fit so comfortably in your hand, it makes shooting video for longer periods of time more enjoyable.

Less wrist strain, more comfortable recording

No more strain on your wrist while you record with the T10 camcorder and its innovative, upward-slanting active angle lens, aligning naturally to the curve of your wrist line. Not only will you enjoy the natural way to hold your camcorder, but an unobstructed view of the LCD screen as well. The result: hours of pain-free, naturally comfortable recording capability.

Record & Remember in Full HD

Recording at 1920 x 1080 60i Full HD resolution enables you to capture the exquisite beauty of each and every moment in rich, natural colour and deep, dynamic detail. Movies shot in Full HD resolution retain their incredible image intensity when they are viewed on Full HD TVs and monitors, giving you, your friends and your family a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Smart O.I.S.

The T10 camcorder has an improved Smart OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) that ensures the steadiness and stability of every moment. Minute lens shifts compensate for shaky hands and body movement, guaranteeing that every image is presented to perfection.

Intuitive touch operation

The T10 camcorder features a massive 2.7” Touch Panel LCD display that gives you a clearer picture of what you are shooting. By leveraging the latest in LCD display technology, the touch panel delivers clean, crisp images that are saturated with natural colour and deep, dynamic detail, enabling you to shoot with enhanced comfort and confidence in any external light condition. With the large 2.7” display, it’s much easier to browse through content and find the exact features you’re looking for. And the most useful feature is that you can easily touch the LCD screen your video with the help of the extra large display screen.

Innovation BSI CMOS Sensor

The T10 camcorder enables you to take professional footage at all times, the T10 camcorder incorporates an advanced 1/4.1” 5M Pixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS Sensor which provides twice the sensitivity of conventional CMOS Sensors. This dramatically reduces image noise and distortion and delivers clear, crisp video and pure, precise still photos even in low light conditions.

4.7M Pixel photos

With 4.7M Pixels to play with, you can enjoy the best of both world. High-quality digital photos and Full HD video come to life with incredible depth of colour and detail, enabling you to shoot and share the digital experience beyond imagination. While recording video and without interruption, you are able to capture still images (2 Megapixel) that are as vivid and vibrant as life itself.

intelli-studio 2.0

For the modem mobile lifestyle, the T10 camcorder's intell-studio software is built-in, giving you the freedom to play, edit and share files on any PC. As soon as the T10 is connected to a PC via USB, intell-studio runs automatically.

Smart Auto

The intelligent Smart Auto feature automatically selects the correct shooting mode for capturing video and still images. With 6 preset modes to choose from and automatic AE, AF, and AWB adjustment, the T10 camcorder gives everyone the tools to shoot professional home movies and photos.