Small. Sleek. Stylish. At less than .7 inches thin, the Samsung ES25 12.2MP camera is the right size to take with you everywhere. Get close to your subjects 4X Optical Zoom and capture your daughter's smile on her birthday or your son's determination as he scores a home run. It's easy with a large 2.7" LCD screen which makes every moment fun.

Capture More Of Your Life

You already have the eye. Now all you need is the camera to capture the world exactly the way you see it. The ES25 combines a 27mm wide angle lens with a 4x optical zoom. Letting you can fit more in frame while delivering a deeper perspective. And the 12.2 mega pixel provides the sharp, crisp detail to reveal all kinds of things. Including what a great photographer you are.

Just what you had in mind

You see the image you want in your head. You point the ES25. And Smart Auto sees it too. This scene recognition technology actually chooses from 16 different settings ranging from landscape to portrait automatically. Then adjusts for the perfect shot. Whether it's catching your friends on a night on the town or a waterfall off a mountain. What you get is exactly what you had in mind. Plus all the credit.

Lost. And then found.

Say you've got about 2,000 photos stored on your ES25 and you're looking for one in particular. You could flip through all 2000 or have the Smart Album feature do it for you. It will search and find photos just the way you want. Go straight to that shot you took whether it was last week or last Friday. You can search by colour ton, or even by file type. So no matter how many memories you have crammed onto your memory card, getting directly to the one you want is a no brainer.

High Sensitivity ISO 1600

With a true ISO 1600 setting, your Samsung camera can effectively minimises noise for crystal clear images. The super speed sensitive ISO 1600 feature give you the ability to take amazingly detailed photoseven under low light conditions. Plus, ISO 1600 lets you take perfectly focused photos of fast-moving images, like during a sporting event. (ISO 1600: up to 3M)

Shake, Rattle or Stroll

Even the tiniest shake can ruin your shot. The ES25’s Digital Image Stabilization solves that. Digital Image Stabilization gives you sharp images no matter the condition. Whether it’s low light, zooming or just a case of plain old shaky hands, your photos come out sharp and clear. So let the ES25 shake things up. In a good way.

VGA quality video. Now in a compact camera.

If you prefer still shots to movies but want to leave your options open the ES25 is right for you. You'll get 640 x 480 quality video at 30 frames per second. You even can use the 4x optical zoom to get up close and vividly personal. And when things get dicey, you can even pause your recording. You'll give up nothing, except carrying around that extra camera

Perfect Portrait System

With our unique Perfect Portrait System, you can get beautiful portrait shots in every condition and moment.