Camera WB750

Zoom farther. Shoot faster. Capture it all.

Indoors or outside, up close or far away — with the Samsung WB750, you’re always ready to capture life’s special moments as they happen, so you can treasure them forever. A 24mm ultra wide lens and 18x optical zoom ensure you capture exactly what you want in the frame. And Samsung’s 12.5M BSI CMOS sensor means that even the smallest details will be reproduced with professional quality, even in low-light situations. Whether you’re shooting stills or recording 1080p HD video, or viewing in 2D or stunning 3D — the WB750 lets you relive the memorable times vividly.

18x Optical Zoom —
Take your vision much,
much further
18X Optical Zoom
(Smart-Zoom 24x), 24mm Wide

The serrated, snow-capped peaks of a moun-tain range — your eyes take it all in, and so does your new Samsung WB750. Featuring a 24mm ultra wide angle lens that sees what you see, the WB750 fits the big picture into the frame. And with its 24x Smart-Zoom feature (18x Optical Zoom), it also brings the intimate details closer, so you can capture a Golden Eagle launching into flight. Whether wide-open vistas or detailed close-ups, the WB750 lets you get the shot you want.

See the bright side of
every picture you take
12.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor

A candlelit dinner, a picnic at dusk — perfectly capture dimly-lit moments with the WB750. Featuring a 12.5MP BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor, the WB750 offers impressive low-light performance. BSI CMOS sensors are twice as sensitive as conventional CMOS sensors, which means less light is needed for properly exposed photos. Pictures are sharper, with minimal noise and distortion. So even if a short-or moment-is lit only by the soft glow of a candle, with the WB750, your photos will be sure to match your memories.

Photo or video? Dual Capture lets you have both
Dual Capture (Full HD + 10MP Still)

The Dual Capture feature of the WB750 lets you snap 10 megapixel still pictures even while recording full HD video, so you don’t have to sacrifice your scrapbook memories when you’re shooting live action. Get every lap of a long distance relay and, as the victor crosses the finish line, simply press the shutter button. You’ll capture all the glorious, crowd-cheering excitement of the race on video, and you’ll have a beautiful still of the winner’s smile — both with incredible, detailed quality.

Bring your stories to life — right on your camera
Creative Movie Maker

With Creative Movie Maker, the WB750 lets you express yourself in a whole new way. Combine stills and videos to easily create a slide show that puts you right on the middle of the action. Bring your story to life with a soundtrack by simply choosing theme and background music from a pre-loaded library. Then view your masterpiece on the camera’s LCD screen, or save it as a Full HD file and play it back on your large-screen HDTV at home for friends and family to enjoy.

Compact size; Full HD power
Full HD Recording 1080p

Leave your camcorder behind and still create home movies worthy of your 1080p HDTV. In addition to taking professional-quality photographs, the WB750 shoots 1920x1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second, with lifelike color and extraordinarily sharp details. Plus, its H.264 format allows longer recording than a camera with MJPEG video does, so you can capture more of the action. Then hook up your WB750 to your HDTV, and watch your brilliant HD footage in the comfort of your living room.

See all of it before you shoot it all
Panorama Shot (Live/Action)

Want to effortlessly shoot panoramic images? Your range of options just got wider. Simply press the shutter and sweep your camera across a vast mountain range. Live Panorama lets you preview your mountainscape — now you’ll know if you captured every mountain peak before taking the shot. And Action Panorama tracks objects in motion — like a bird in flight — to ensure stunning panoramas.

Be in the moment with 3D Photo
3D Photo / 3D Panorama

Imagine creating vacation memories so real, you’ll feel as if you’re back on holiday. Whether you were on a safari in Africa or just swimming at the local beach, the WB750’s 3D Photo lets you relive all these great moments. Plus, WB750 does all the work to allow every picture you take to stand out in visual, 3D glory. Hook the WB750 up to a 3D HDTV to display both still images and panoramic photos with such incredible 3D depth that your friends who see them will feel like they had been right there with you, too!

Embrace both light and dark in one frame
HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Create a hyper-realistic image of a mountain lake at sunset. The High Dynamic Range of the WB750 offers a greater range of luminance, so shadows aren’t too dark and highlights aren’t oversaturated. What’s more, it gives your photo perfect exposure in all areas, so details pop with a vivid, artistic feel.

Smart Filter 3.0 — More fun, more creative
Smart Filter

Boost creative fun with the Smart Filter 3.0 — right on the display! Cartoon Filter makes any photo look like an animated film scene while Cross Filter makes light sources appear to have several points of light, like stars. And Zooming Shot adds motion lines to make it look like you’re speeding towards your subject. There’s also Water Paint, Oil Painting, Half-tone Dot — and many more ways for you to express your creative side!

Full Manual Control

For the knowledgeable photographer, some moments — like a bride and groom’s first kiss — are too special to leave to auto mode. Choose your settings with Full ManualControl always on to choose the perfect setting for that perfect moment. Aperture Priority lets you set the aperture up to 8 steps while the camera selects a shutter speed; or set Shutter Priority and the WB750 will find the right aperture. Want to set both? Opt for Manual Mode.

Magic Frame

Make a portrait look like an antique, or put your face on the moon — Magic Frame’s 12 background templates offer lots of picture-taking enjoyment. You can also put images on a 1950’s TV set or a movie. There are so many possibilities for fun — especially when you share the poster-quality results!

Face Detection,
Face Recoganition, Face Tracking

The WB750 never forgets a face: Face Tracking tracks the faces of subjects in motion; Face Detection automatically adjusts the focus and exposure after detecting a face on the screen; and Face Recognition remembers the best focus for those faces photographed most — so everyone will love the final photo.