No matter where your display is, the Samsung 400MX-2 makes sure people pay attention to your message. The 4000:1 contrast ratio delivers beautiful details and the 178º viewing angles means your message is always seen. Plus, HDMI input provides the highest quality for truly amazing images. Make your message a showstopper, with the 400MX-2 40" LCD display.

High Contrast Ratio

No matter where you place your display, images will be crystal-clear. The 3000:1 contrast ratio gives you pictures that are full of detail, even in blacks and whites.

HDMI input

HDMI input allows you to display high resolution digital content and makes sure your message is delivered with all the colour and clarity you need.

RS232C In-Out

RS232C, a standard of serial communication, is used for the communication between PC and displays. Therefore, A Multiple Display Control (MDC), helping various displays to be easily and simultaneously operated on PC, is possible with RS232C function.

Bigger is better

Create impossible-to-ignore video walls up to 5 monitors wide by 5 monitors high. Get your message across with natural mode correction, which delivers distortion-free images.

Built-in speakers

Save time and money. With the built-in speakers you don’t have to purchase and mount external speakers separately.

Anti-image retention

Different types of anti-image retention can be set to be activated automatically throughout the day, helping to contribute to longer panel life.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.