Imagine creating an impactful video wall, assembling it yourself, then controlling it all over a single PC. You can do that with the SAMSUNG 400UXn-M display. Featuring an ultra-thin bezel and compatibility with our Interlocking Display (ID) kits, you can assemble virtually seamless video walls yourself in about 30 minutes. And with our included MagicInfo™-Pro Extension software, you can control multiple video walls of any configuration with a single server over your network, up to 25 displays per server. Impactful video walls, easily assembled and easily controlled.

enhanced colour with DNIe Pro

New Technology of SAMSUNG:
Brighter & Clearer Images.
Video signal:
AV, S-Video, Component, HDMI (Not PC Signal).

3Way Burn-in protection

3 Types of Anti-Burn Program
Screen burn-in is a major concern of customers. SAMSUNG plasma monitor supports three types of anti-burn protection. SAMSUNG new plasma monitor supports Anti-burn protection timer in OSD Menu, this timer helps user choose protection mode, period and operation time that they want. If user selects these items, SAMSUNG plasma monitor operates selected anti-burn PGM during selected operation time per selected each period. For example, if user selects All White, 1 hour period & 5 minutes operation time, SAMSUNG plasma monitor automatically operates All White mode every 5 minutes each hour.
- Signal Pattern Process, this function moves Black & Silver Strips from right to left on the Screen.
- All White, this Function refreshes plasma's cell and will change screen to all white.
- Auto Pixel Shift, this function shifts 3 or 4 pixels according to this order, right, top, left, bottom. The user canot see the movement since it involves only a few pixels. User can choose the number of pixels and moving period in OSD Menu.

VESA wall mount standard

VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface Standard Support.
-Customer can find 3rd party installation company in anywhere easily.

MagicSpeed (8ms)

Monitor supports fast response time to reduces blurring image.

pivot support

SAMSUNG LFD Monitors have a pivot function that freely rotates around 90° degrees, allowing you to easily view a vertical image or text without mouse scrolling.

signal balance

It helps long distance cable connection between PC and display, receiving contents from PC within 100 meter.
Emphasis and Compensate the original signal.

power saving system

DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) Adopted uses less than 1W in stand-by mode and monitor goes to stand-by mode automatically after checking its status.


PIP (Picture In Picture) / PBP (Picture By Picture): Multi tasking function allows user to enjoy an image from two different source at once.
Work and play at the same time.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.