Versatile beyond imagination, SAMSUNG's large format displays (LFD) can be used to display a variety of input — including video, PC, DTV and more. Whatever is displayed comes through as vivid images and strikingly sharp text. This attention grabbing display can be placed virtually anywhere.

enhanced colour with DNIe pro

New Technology of SAMSUNG:
Brighter & Clearer Images
Video signal:
AV, S-Video, Component, HDMI (Not PC Signal)


Cost Effective Solution for Multiple Network Display Easy to Monitor Control by S/W on Server Simple Configuration through LAN (100M based Ethernet)

multiple display control

MDC Program controls a variety of source as a single system by built-in RS-232C interface.

pivot technology

Flexible Pivot Function that freely rotates around 90˚degrees, allowing you to easily View a vertical image or text without mouse scrolling.This function gives you more flexibility, supporting presentations in portrait mode.

various external AV devices

With CVBS, S-video, and Component inputs, can be connected to various AV devices such as DVD player, VCR, Audio, Camcorder, Game consoles as well as computers.As the popularity of high-resolution sources like DVD and HDTV are more increasing, component inputs are becoming more common

wide viewing angle

With S-PVA Technology, you’ll always get a clear image with no distortion from any angle.

fast response time

With MagicSpeed², the 460PXN responds almost three times faster than other monitors and significantly reduces the ghosting and jagged pixel effects. The fast response time of 8ms also ensures stable viewing of DVDs and streaming video.

Magic Contrast 1000:1

With 1000:1, SyncMaster gives crisp image to customer

MagicSpeed (8ms)

monitor supports fast response time to reduces blurring image.


PIP (Picture In Picture) / PBP (Picture By Picture):
Multi tasking function allows user to enjoy an image from two different source at onceWork and play at the same time

power saving system

DPMS (Display Power Management Signaling) Adopted uses less than 1W in stand-by mode and monitor goes to stand-by mode automatically after checking its status. Auto Power on-off function :732N plus /932B plus can turn on and off the Power automatically if Monitor detect the DPMS mode.

extended video wall format

Extended Video Wall Function - Full Mode: Video Wall regardless of cabinet bezel- Natural Mode: User can adjust video wall image
※ Support All Video wall Combination from 1x1 to 5x5

anti-image retention mode

Other than a Screen Scroll mode, you’ve got 3 additional settings. Plus, there’s also the Anti-image Timer Function available.

VESA wall mount standard

Because the 460PXN features VESA Flat Display Mounting Interface Standard Support, you can use it with any 3rd party installations easily.

vertical input

Features Vertical Input Considering Cable-finishing for vertical input types and clean-touch cabling.

3-way burn-in protection

To prevent screen burn-in, our monitors support 3 types of anti-burn protection. The OSD Menu even features an anti-burn protection timer that helps you choose the right protection mode, period and operation time — for 5 minutes every hour, as an example.Signal Pattern Process: Moves black and silver strips across the screen.All White: Refreshes plasma's cell and turns the entire screen white.Auto Pixel Shift: Shifts 3 or 4 pixels in this order — right, top, left, bottom. Viewers won't notice much movement since it involves only a few pixels. You can state the number of pixels and moving period in the OSD Menu.

superior image quality

The 460PXN monitor offers a display of high brightness and clear contrast. With a combination of 500cd/m² brightness, 1200:1 and 1366 x 768 resolution, the 460PXN delivers a superior image quality.

signal balance

The 460PXN enables long distance cable connections between a PC and the display — receiving content from a PC up to 100 metres away

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.