Improve your PC experience with luxury design

Experience total luxury with Samsung’s new black, high-glossy mouse design. The Samsung SM3PCPB Mouse adds a designer’s touch to your PC and will certainly grab attention. Its natural lines and curves blend with the premium materials to create a sensual experience that goes beyond being just ergonomic. And when you consider that a mouse is quite a personal digital device that is used regularly, it only makes sense that it has a great looks to match its performance. Navigation for your PC has never been so chic.

Experience more with a contemporary mouse design

Samsung’s stylish wired Mouse, with its eye-catching designer look and high-calibre performance, is ready to transform your expectations in navigation. It has been designed to deliver an effortless and intuitive experience. Its ergonomic design, which features a compact size that fits perfectly in the hand, ensures that navigating your PC screen is a truly comfortable.