Breath Fresh with Samsung Air Purifier

What is SAMSUNG Air Purifier?

SAMSUNG Air Purifier not only collects dust for air clearness but also eliminates airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and allergens with S-Plasma ion technology. Based on the up-to-dated technology, SAMSUNG Air Purifier proudly presents to you an immaculate clean atmosphere.

Triple premium Filters

The triple air purifying filters allow you keep fresh and clean air all day long.
The pre filter blocks large dust such as pollen, animal fur, etc.
The HEPA filter screens microscopic dust and harmful substances
in the air. Also the deodorization + DNA filter eliminates unplesant
odors so you have healthy and fresh indoor air for you & your family.

Deodorization + DNA filters

The DNA filter removes effectively PAHs and carcinogenic substances from
the air including dioxin and benzopyrene that are harmful to human body.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.