Air Conditioner Q9000

Washing Machine D200 Flagship

Turbo Jet Cooling.
Faster, Further,
More powerful
Front-facing, independent triple fans provide an intelligent
balance of power and control. They provide optimum cooling
and energy efficiency with a maximum cooling speed that’s
significantly higher than standard air conditioners.
Turbo Jet Cooling - 3 whirlwind fans
Three powerful, spiral airflows, created by the jet engine mechanism, cool the entire house more quickly
and efficiently, making your home a cool and comfortable place in the blink of an eye.
Turbo Jet Cooling- 7 Types airflow
You can enjoy different types of cooling to suit various activities, with three separate fans
that can be operated independently or together. So you can enjoy maximum cooling efficiency with minimum energy usage.
Energy saving-
Smart Inverter Compressor
The Smart Inverter Compressor adjusts its speed in response to the surrounding
temperature. By running only at the speed needed, energy wastage is kept to a
minimum, which reduces your energy.
Moreover three separate fans can be operated situationally independently.
The less fans you use, the less electric charge bill you get.
Air cleaning-Virus Doctor
An amazing air purifying technology, ‘Virus Doctor’, neutralizes all harmful
contaminants in the air, including bacteria that resist physical filtration, and
turns them into harmless water vapor.
Air cleaning-Zero Filter
The magic film filter uses a magnet mechanism to keep the air clean
and healthy, without missing even the tiniest particles of dust.

Refresh a large space in a flash / Use it every day without worrying
about the electricity bill / Clean filter quickly and easily with water.
Air cleaning-Healthy
Your home is safeguarded from the bacteria and mold caused
by high humidity with the built-in dehumidifier.
Design-Sleek & Stylish
The Q9000 features a stylish silhouette design that creates a
modern and sophisticated atmosphere in your home.
And its compact body also helps to make your home more
Design-Ice Lighting
When the independent fan is on, it’s surrounded by attractive, ice-blue
coloured lighting. So your home is bathed in beautiful light, and you know
your air conditioner is working.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.