R01 R0101 ae 07040300 AS18UUAXSG
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AS18UUA Front

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  • 18,000 BTU/Hours Cooling Capacity
  • 9.47 BTU/W Cooling EER
  • 2.68 W/W Cooling EER
  • 3.26 Heating COP
  • 5.1/3.85kW Cooling Capacity
  • 1.8 l/Hours Moisture Removal
  • 13 Air circulation (Max, ㎥/min)
  • 40/36/32dB Noise Level (Indoor High / Low)
  • 52dB Noise Level (Outdoor High)

Physical Specification

  • indoor 1,065 x 298 x 218mm / outdoor 790 x 548 x 285mm Net Dimension
  • 82/170/197 Loading Quantity with Pipe (20/40/40Hft)
  • 13kg Indoor Net Weight
  • 39kg Outdoor Net Weight

Electrical Data

  • 220/60/1 Power Source (V/ Hz/Φ)
  • 1900 / 2250Watts Power Consumption (Cooling)
  • 8.8/10.1 Current Cooling Operating
Capacity (Cooling, Btu/hr)
Energy Efficiency
EER (Cooling, btu/W)
EER (Cooling, W/W)
COP (Heating, W/W)
Capacity (Cooling, kW)
Moisture Removal (l/hr)
Air Circulation (Max, ㎥/min)
Noise Level
Indoor High/Low
Outdoor High
Electrical Data
Power Source
Energy Efficiency
Power Consumption (Cooling)
Operating Current (Cooling)
Physical Specification
Net Dimension (WxHxD)
Loading Quantity
20/40/40Hft with Pipe
Net Weight (Indoor)
Net Weight (Outdoor)