The form and the function clearly elevate the status of the air conditioner to that of a work of art.

shadow mirror design

Luxurious black design with a special pattern
Shadow-mirror front panel
Hidden horizontal LED display

faster cooling & heating

Once a design temperature is set, the air conditioner uses a full capacity of the compressor to reach the set temperature more quickly.
This enables the system to run 15% faster in cooling and 50% faster in heating.

high efficiency

A perfect choice for better performance

silent operation

Enjoy the sweet silence of a SAMSUNG air conditione.

automatic moving panel

In terms of the design, when in operation, it looks ultrafashionable, futuristic, and dynamic as the front panel is being opened. When not in operation, it blocks the inflow of dust with the air inlet closed, so dust does not sit on the filter.

energy saving

Once the set temperature is reached, the smart-inverter air conditioner operates in the economic mode avoiding frequent, inefficient switch-on/off operations of non-inverter air conditioners and ends up achieving 40% energy saving.

low ambient

SAMSUNG's outdoor unit outperforms any other competing product, since it operates in wider temperature ranges of -10 to 43 degrees Celsius for cooling and of -5 to 24 degrees Celsius for heating.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.