A weight guide that’s actually useful

OmniPro’s Weight Guide Feature puts the scale inside your oven for accurate, convenient measurements. By combining two steps into one, not only have you eliminated the need for an additional scale but you’ve also given yourself more kitchen space.

The smartest way to defrost

The One-Touch Sensor Defrost feature in OmniPro is great for rapid, evenly distributed, and accurate defrosting of foods big and small, ranging from meats to fruits and vegetables. This is because OmniPro automatically weighs your food item and auto-sets the appropriate defrost time. With the special design of the defrosting plate, your food is separated from water, preserving freshness and flavour.

Cooking with OmniSense

OmniSense uses a multi-sensor system (Humidity sensor + Weight sensor), greatly improving your cooking results. The weight sensor underneath the oven’s turntable automatically measures the weight of your food item all before any cooking begins. While your food cooks, the humidity sensor is at work, measuring humidity levels and the two work together auto-calculating and optimising cooking mode and time settings. With OmniSense, you can leave your oven alone and let it do its job.

Say goodbye to cold dinners

OmniPro’s Keep Warm uses low-temperature convection heat, allowing you to maintain the perfect temperature for up to 30 minutes which is ideal when dinner guests are running late or for a dinner party with the whole family. Keep Warm not only keeps food warm, but plates too, so there’s never an excuse for serving cold food.

Lend yourself a hand

The Drop-Down Door feature of OmniPro provides the same familiarity and comfort as conventional oven design, allowing for quick, convenient access and the easy placement larger dishes but is far from old-fashioned as the door also works as a second pair of hands when it’s just you, allowing you to rest larger dishes on it.

The oven with a built-in manual

We’ve eliminated the need for lengthy, bulky user guides and instruction manuals and instead built it all into a Text LCD Display which makes it perfect for following the step-by-step instructions from our own built-in, 8-language supported manual. The Text LCD even tells you which oven accessory to use, adding yet another level of convenience.

Large inside, compact outside

Advanced technology has allowed us to reduce the size of its exterior while maintaining a 36L holding capacity—which is capable enough for an entire family. So though OmniPro may appear compact and cramped on the outside, on the inside, it’s far from.

Modern technology, familiar design

The OmniPro is a contemporary oven with traditional familiarity and design. The two dials were inspired by the design of the conventional oven while its fun, intuitive icons identify oven settings and functionality for quick and precise manual selection of cook modes and other oven settings ensuring your meals come out exactly the way you planned.

Dual Movable Grill

OmniPro’s Dual Movable Grill makes leaning and maintenance a snap. The dual top grill is extendable, allowing you convenient access to wipe away any stains from the oven ceiling. When it’s time for a quick cleaning, you’ll be glad that the oven tray is detachable for a smarter, painless clean.

Multiple Accessories

OmniPro comes equipped with a variety of attachments and accessories that assist when different recipes require different processes including the Defrost Plate, Pro-Steamer, Crusty Plate as wells as grilling racks for an all-inclusive cooking experience.

Ceramic Enamel Interior

OmniPro's durable Interior with Ceramic Enamel allows you easy maintenance. No matter how your family uses it, it won't scratch like stainless steel, or crack like plastic. Also it helps to clean it easily and all you need is a a damp cloth to wipe away.

Steam Clean

OmniPro's Steam Clean takes the chore out of cleaning. Just fill the Steam Clean container with water and stick it to the inside wall. Without using any harmful chemicals, it keeps your your oven clean and hygienic.