28L, Mirror Design door, Ceramic enamel coating cavity, Energy saving button (Eco mode), Auto grill menu, Membrane type, push button

Push & Save

Eco Button enables you to save the standby power up to 40% off. Just push, and save the money, the power, and the earth.

Ceramic Enamel Cavity

Easy Cleaning - An exceptionally smooth ceramic enamel interior allows grease and oil to be easily cleaned off the inside walls. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth after use is all you need. This also prevents surface discoloration, even after extensive use. High Scratch Resistance - Ceramic Enamel’s durability & protective qualities make it far more scratch resistant than other microwave interiors. When scratched with equal force, the roughness of the ceramic enamel surface increases only 7.5% comparedto 106% of the stainless.

Eletronic touch control

Easily program your desired cooking time and power levek at just the touch of a button.