65L classic black twin convection fan built-in oven spreads heat equally throughout the oven allowing food to cook evenly.

twin fan+

Dual fans are twice as efficient with twice the satisfaction! Heat spreads evenly throughout the oven with twin fans.

even cooking

The twin fan+ heat distribution system spreads the heat consistently throughout the oven, guaranteeing evenly browned cakes, and roasts that are crisp all over. The special design of the baking trays ensures a uniform circulation of the heat, even when the oven is full.

baking tray&wire rack

Our oven rack is on a rail that pulls out smoothly.
Safer to remove hot dishes from the oven.It offers ultimate convenience for taking your food out of the oven.

steam clean

Use steam power for hygienic cleaning set our steam clean feature to cut through grease and grime in just 25 minutes.

soft door system

Our lightweight oven door is designed for ultimate safety and reliability. It has a soft and smooth open/close feature so you don't have to apply pressure to open/close the oven.

pop out dial

New trend, easy to clean.