Smart touch, touch the perfection

Sleek, chic design that enhances your décor.

This Samsung refrigerator’s sleek and refined looks were designed to fit any kitchen. And enhance every kitchen. Its rich, black exterior accents the simple, clean lines, creating a classic yet modern aesthetic that works with almost every decor. The exterior surface was also designed to reflect blue surface lighting with a uniquely warm and emanating glow, adding as much ambience to your kitchen as it does style.

Frost-free freshness, the Samsung way.

Kiss routine defrosting chores goodbye! Besides keeping your food fresh, nutritious and looking delicious, no-frost technology means never having to worry about defrosting your refrigerator again, saving you tons of time and even more frustration. Fresher food and frustration-free maintenance are the chief benefits of Samsung’s no-frost refrigerators. But no-frost technology also ensures no icy build-ups, so there’s always more space for food. So just relax and let Samsung do the work for you.

The refrigerator within the refrigerator.

The CoolSelect Zone™ is an independently controlled, versatile compartment that allows you to set the temperature based whatever’s inside. Choose from four settings to keep food at a variety of temperature settings: Thaw, 0 Zone, Cool and Quick Cool. This gives you the flexibility to store any type of food in this drawer by creating a customised environment to maintain maximum freshness.

Illuminates everything it refrigerates.

This eye-catching feature will delight you as soon as you
open the door. The LED tower emits very little heat and
runs on even less energy so you’ll also see the difference
in your electricity bills. Plus the beautifully-designed tower is
bright enough to cast a light in every corner of the fridge
so finding food is never a problem.

Clean Back

Usually the back of the fridge is the last thing you’d think of. Not for Samsung.
They’ve even thought through how a clean, finished back will not only add to
the beautiful design, but also enhance the convenience factor. Now you don’t
have to worry about the accumulation of dust and debris, making it easier to
clean and maintain.

Super Freeze for super taste.

A frozen steak that tastes like it was purchased only this morning? Not impossible. That is unless you have a Samsung refrigerator with Super Freeze technology. By quickly flash freezing your favorite foods, the delicious taste and juiciness can be preserved for much longer than usual. That’s what Super Freeze technology does. Its fast, deep freezing power is the best method for effectively locking in moisture and flavor.

Egg Container

Protect your eggs with the RL52/55’s handy Egg Container. The larger capacity lets you store more eggs while the self-contained container protects the rest of your fridge against spillage or broken eggs.

Reversible Door

The RL52/55 is all about customization, even down to the door design.
Now you can choose from two options for the way the door opens.
So you no longer have to be concern whether or not the fridge will fit
into your kitchen layout.

Blue Handle Lighting (optional)

The warm, blue glow from the innovative handle lighting
feature will coat the kitchen in its ambient glow.
Not only does the lighting create a nice lighting effect,
but it also comes in handy when looking for items in the
freezer—especially useful for those late-night snacks.

Stylishly beams its vitals.

The sophisticated blue LCD display graces the exterior of
the refrigerator door with its state-of-the-art look, enhancing
both usability and design. The easy-to-view display allows
you to control the temperature and refrigerator modes,
without ever having to open the fridge door.

Multi Flow

With the Multi Flow feature, a stream of cool air flows through a series of
vents located on every shelf level to create an evenly cooled environment.
So the RL52/55 can maintain the ideal temperature keeping your foods
fresher, longer.

Fold it to fit it.

Samsung’s innovative Foldable Shelf is flexible so you can fit everything you need. Fold it in half or completely up and out of the way to expand the refrigerator’s capacity. So whether you use it as a full-depth shelf, a half-shelf or tuck it up against the wall to accommodate 3-layered cakes, watermelons or water jugs, this shelf always meets your ever-changing storage needs.

Vacation Mode (optional)

The Vacation Mode feature on the RL52/55 was designed specifically to keep your entire fridge running efficiently while you’re away from home.
Going on vacation? The intelligent Vacation Mode turns off the fridge while keeping the freezer working to keep foods frozen. So enjoy your time away
from home without worrying about your energy bill or food going bad.

The perfect place for your fridge favorites.

You know that one drawer in the house where you keep oft-used items like take-out menus and corkscrews? Well, why shouldn’t your fridge have one? Whether you use your ultra-convenient Slim Tray for ice cube trays, a candy stash or frozen family favorites, this thin, flat, refrigerated box gives you instant access to your little go-to food items.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.