The T9000, Perfect inside and out. The brand new Samsung T9000 perfectly cools food for maximum freshness at times with its large capacity, and stands out with its elegant and timeless design.
  • 900L Mega capacity
  • Smart organisation
  • Triple Fresh Cooling system
  • Timeless Premium Design

Mega capacity
that's big on convenience

Be prepared to write longer shopping lists. With 900L of storage space, the T9000 Four-Door Refrigerator is the roomiest Samsung refrigerator. Whether you have a large family, like to throw large parties, or both, you'll appreciate having plenty of room to store food and beverages of all sizes. Take advantage of sales at your local supermarket to stock up on supplies.

A smarter way to store groceries of all sizes and shapes

Since practicality is as important as storage, the Samsung T9000 features a variety of smart organisation features to help you make the most of its large capacity. The refrigerator compartment, located on top for greater convenience, isn't partitioned. This opens up more space, and helps you find items faster. Enjoy greater flexibility too, with features such as the Easy Slide shelf and foldable shelf. Plus, having the freezer on the bottom makes it easier for you to store heavy frozen items.

A revolution in
cooling technology

It takes Samsung's revolutionary Triple Fresh Cooling technology—featuring three evaporators and two compressors—to properly cool a refrigerator with such a large capacity. Each evaporator maintains optimal temperatures and humidity levels for each compartment, which helps keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Plus, having independently cooled compartments prevents odors from mixing—so your bread pudding won't smell like your halibut—and cuts down on energy usage

Many convenient temperature settings
help keep food fresh

Stop compromising when it comes to storing different foods. The independent CoolSelect Plus compartment features four settings that give you the flexibility you need to preserve foods at their optimal temperatures. You can opt to freeze ham or fish, soft-freeze steaks, chill ground meats or keep produce nice and cool. It's like a mini-fridge all by itself.

  • FREEZER -17˚c ~ -23 ˚c
  • CHILL -1˚c
  • COOL 2˚c

Purify the air and keep food fresh

Help keep your family healthy by providing a clean and fresh environment for your fruits, vegetables, and other perishables. The Bacteria Safe Ionizer uses an interior fan to force air through a sterilizing filter that effectively kills germs. You can relax knowing your refrigerator is stocked with fresh food instead of bacteria.

Your favourite foods,
now stored
at just the right height

Whether you're using the crisper to stores fruits, vegetables or cheeses, you'll appreciate its counter-height placement, which gives you convenient access to favourite foods. Easily pull an apple out for your child, deli meats to make a sandwich, or a head of lettuce for a healthy salad, without having to bend over and put a strain on your back.

Easy Big Guard
Now you can store big containers of milk and juice in the door, along with two rows of beverage cans and bottles with the deeper Easy Big Guard. Throwing a party? Use the Easy Big Guard to chill tall bottles of water, soda, and other liquid refreshments.
Easy Slide
Reaching into a refrigerator to grab a tub of yogurt from the back often means navigating an obstacle course of food items. The Easy Slide shelf easily slides out so you can efficiently organise and easily access your food items—and readily see just what you have store in the back.
Easy Freeze Guard
Frequently-visited items like frozen food, ice cream or kids' finger foods can be stored conveniently. In the freezer, the Soft Frost Door Guard maintains optimal temperature to prevent pints of ice cream from hardening or forming ice crystals.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.