Jewel Light

The elegant Jewel Light delivers soft sparkles as
beautiful gem stone when you open the door and
homebar. You can see the real beauty of sparkle
as you see from the jewels with gleaming light.

Champagne Handle

As champagne’s bubble rising, the sparkling jewels
along the pink gold line of Champagne Handle offers
stylish beauty to your space.

Bid Printing

Bid printing is new technology that shows texture of
refrigerator by melting ink into the glass. The light
reflects to the surface of refrigerator as water flow
and adds more elegance into your kitchen.

Crystal Deco

The crystal clear interior design with high qualified
metallic decoration provides all-time luxuriousness
for your stylish living.

Dual LED Lighting

Stylish Dual LED Lighting illuminates every
corner of refrigerator to locate items easily and

Slim Deco Shelf

Slim Deco Shelf provides differentiate design from
conventional refrigerator. The shelves are slimmer
with simple silverish design for delicate,
sophisticated look and also slimmer shelves make
better use of space.

Crystal Big Guard

The Crystal Deco from conventional is now more
advanced with bigger guard. You can easily and
conveniently store larger size items with bigger
space of guards

10 Sensors

10 individual smart Sensors collects condition of the refrigerator constantly and sends the data to Micom.

Inverter Compressor

Digital Inverter Compressor

The 4th Generation Digital Inverter Compressor, with the highest energy efficiency in the world, reduces energy consumption more than 20% by adjusting cooling capacity according to temperature, humidity, and using pattern.

Mini Drinks Bar

Best Answer for Cool Air! Mini Drinks Bar

Samsung applied Cooling Cover to Mini Drinks Bar
to keep your storages cooler than ever. Even you
open the door many times, the stainless steel
cooling cover maintains the chilled air so you can
enjoy cold beverages any time.

Energy Saving

The micom analyzes the data from 10 smart sensors of refrigerator and operates in most efficient way
according to the refrigerator condition, which saves 10% of the energy.

The refrigerator within the refrigerator.

Designed to meet the unique demands of your family’s tastes and needs, Samsung's CoolSelect Zone™ is an independent drawer that functions as a refrigerator within your refrigerator. Just select the mode required for the type of food you’re storing from four settings – Soft Freeze Mode, Quick Cool Mode, Chill Mode and Cool Mode – and the drawer quickly changes temperature to match your unique needs. All it takes is the touch of a button.

Keeping foods in peak condition starts with Twin Cooling.

Now, Samsung brings you the cooling technology of refrigerators five times the price. Our Twin Cooling System™ inside fans each chamber independently. Freezer air stays dry, fridge air stays humid so foods are kept in their peak condition. It’s the kind of technology you’d find in professional refrigerators, but it’s built into every Samsung – where what’s inside counts. Smart Thinking, Simple Living.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.