Make vacuuming less of a chore — and less of an expense. The Samsung VC20AHND bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner saves you time and money since you no longer having to shop for bags. And advanced features such as the Twin Chamber System™ ensure longer-lasting suction. Various colours are available such as turquoise, red or black — pick the one that matches your style —giving your home a fresh, clean look.

Spend time enjoying your clean home, not shopping for bags

Do away with dirt, pet hair — and dust bags. Traditional vacuum cleaners don’t trap dust as well as bagless models, and their bags may have to be replaced before they’re even half-full. That isn’t efficient or economical. With a bagless cleaner, you can stop searching for — and spending money on — the right type of bags in the store or online. After all, your vacuum cleaner should be cleaning up your floors, not cleaning out your wallet.

Quicker, cleaner emptying

Easily dispose of dirt and debris — even big tangled messes of hair or tissue — with the easy-to-empty dustbin. Simply remove the dustbin, pop off the lid and pour the content into the garbage. No fuss, no mess. Contrast that to vacuum cleaner bags, which can emit clouds of dust or spill debris after being detached from the device.

Powerful suction for a cleaner home

Experience enhanced cleaning power thanks to Samsung’s Twin Chamber System™. Cyclonic air generated in the inner chamber forces dander, debris and nearly all fine dust particles into the outer chamber and away from the filter. This helps prevent clogging and ensures long-lasting suction power for a cleaner home.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.