Vaccum Cleaner F700G

Vaccum Cleaner F700G Flagship

Designed to move with you
Clean your house effortlessly – without wasting time
and effort. Motion Sync Design™ enables exception-
ally smooth and easy movement, and CycloneForce
multi maintains surprisingly powerful suction for a
long time
BAF Certified    SLG 5 star
MOTIONSYNC DESIGNCycloneForceDust SensorThree in one
Motion Sync Design
Smooth and easy movement
The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner features a revolutionary Motion Sync Design™ with a swivel body separated from the wheels,
which makes swift motion for sudden turns much easier. The cambered wheels supporting the body ensure more stable motion without tipping or falling over,
and are big and hollow to enable a smooth motion, so they roll steadily and easily with minimum effort.
Swift Motion-Swivel body
Stable Motion-Cambered wheels
Smooth Motion-Big&Hollow wheels
Cycolone Force Multi
Powerful suction that lasts
The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s innovative CycloneForce multi features
a unique interior structure with fourteen inner chambers that create a multi cyclonic airflow.
Its strong centrifugal force separates dust particles and debris perfectly from the air
and keeps them from leaving the chamber.
So it prevents the filter from clogging to maintain powerful suction for a long time.
Step 1
Unique interior structure
generates strong
cyclone airflow.
Step 2
Strong centrifugal force
separates dust & air
Step 3
After small dusts are separated,
clean air goes out through
pre-motor filter
Dust Sensor
Dust detection and alert
The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner features a Dust Sensor that
signals a red light if it detects a dusty spot. As soon as the area is completely cleaned the
light changes to green, so you can quickly move on to clean the next spot.
And when you’ve finished you’ll always know that everywhere is spotlessly clean.
(* 2 AAA batteries are required)
Dust Detected
Built in Handle
Easy to find accessories
Why spend another minute looking for the right accessory?
The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s handle includes built-in Pipe, Dust and Crevice accessories.
Whatever or wherever you need to clean you can quickly switch to the best tool without having to detach it.
So you'll never lose or waste time finding them – and can enjoy fast, non-stop cleaning in any situation.
No worry about the losing accessories
Durable and Washable Filter
Easy to clean
washable filter
While a lot of bagless vacuum cleaners have a cross-hedged type of foam filter,
the Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner has a simple,
sponge type foam filter, which captures more dust
and can be easily washed and cleaned.
A quick rinse is all it takes to can
prevent the filter from clogging,
which ensures powerful suction that lasts
– and great results every time.
Extreme Force Brush
Advanced grip for spotless
Remove dust deep in the carpet with the improved adhesion of the
Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s Extreme Force Brush.
It diffuses pressure evenly over the brush to enable the powerful pick-up of dust
and particles and ensure a more effective overall performance.
One Touch Dustbin
Easy to empty and clean
The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s bagless dust bin is simple
to remove and empty without spilling dust back on the floor. Quickly
detach it with the push of a button, twist open the cover, tip the contents
into the trash can and then effortlessly slide it back. Plus it’s easy to take
out the filter and wash it with water.
Remote Control Handle
Easy to reach controls
The Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner’s Remote Control Handle
makes it easy to turn the machine on/off and select the optimum suction power
with its built-in control buttons.
They are conveniently located on the handle and always within easy reach,
so you can quickly change the power level,
using radio frequency technology, without interrupting your cleaning.
(* 2 AAA batteries are required)

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.