Perfect the Clean With Carpet Turbo Brush

Achieve maximum clean with the built-in SC74 attachments including the Carpet Turbo Brush for powerful, efficient removal of hair and dirt from your carpet, the Crevice Brush for narrow, hard-to-reach areas, and the Dusting Brush for dust-free furniture and see how they can all work together to provide you a multi-dimensional clean.

Perfect the Clean with Turbo Brush

Powerfully, effectively, and easily remove pet hair from carpets and floors with the built-in Turbo Brush in SC74. When you come to a hard-to-reach spot or narrow area, use the Crevice Brush, also part of SC74’s built-in composition and perfect for all those places that appear too tight and snug. And when it’s time to dust-off various household items including furniture, make sure the dust is not simply spreading back into the air, but make sure the vacuum sucks it all up by using another built-in brush—the Dusting Brush.

Longer Suction, Longer Life.

Cleaning a room isn’t always easy. And if your vacuum cleaner has lost its suction power, even just a little, the process grows more and more difficult. That’s why Samsung has committed to delivering vacuum cleaners with innovative technologies that prevent premature clogging of filters and other causes of untimely suction power depletion. Samsung vacuums contain all the technology to help you keep your vacuum running at its peak strength, for more easy and efficient cleaning.

More Storage, Less Emptying

Save yourself the frequent back-and-forth trips to dump out the dust bin with an easy solution—4.0L Big Dust Capacity. It does exactly what it was designed for—dust and dirt collection—and lots more of it, which ultimately allows you more time between dust and dirt disposal for added convenience.

Always Strong, And Sustainable

Suction power in an ordinary vacuum gradually weakens as the dust bag fills up. Inside the Cyclone Filter, the larger, heavier dust particles are separated first, allowing SC74 to more efficiently use space inside the dust bag, and providing you with strong, consistent suction power. Located conveniently next to the vacuum’s handle, Cyclone Filter slides off and back on for easy access, even while standing—just twist to remove, empty, and twist back on.

360° Swivel Hose

Swivel Hose gives you easy movement with hose, for more convenient cleaning of yours.

Dust Blowing

The Easy Dust Blowing Function enables easy removal of dust and debris from hard-to-reach Places.

IR Handle Control

Easy start and adjust the level of power with a fingertip control at the handle. Infra red ray allows light weight & easy maneuverability.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.