Thanks to its low dust emission and long lasting power, this vacuum cleaner delivers premium convenience when cleaning your home. Enjoy getting the clean performance while saving energy, too.

Plus Up Your Vacuum.

Samsung’s uniquely designed Multi Chamber Plus + TM cyclone technology provides a larger capacity dust chamber for more efficient vacuuming, without adding bulk to the appliance – 20% more hidden capacity, in fact. Plus, the multi chamber system helps to eliminate pre-motor clogging, and removes virtually all the microscopic dust that is often found in vacuumed air. Samsung’s Multi Chamber Plus + TM vacuums won’t lose suction power easily, or overflow, allowing you to keep your surfaces clean day after day, year after year.

Longer Suction, Longer Life.

Cleaning a room isn’t always easy. And if your vacuum cleaner has lost its suction power, even just a little, the process grows more and more difficult. That’s why Samsung has committed to delivering vacuum cleaners with innovative technologies that prevent premature clogging of filters and other causes of untimely suction power depletion. Samsung vacuums contain all the technology to help you keep your vacuum running at its peak strength, for more easy and efficient cleaning.

Three Reasons To Clean Easy.

At Samsung, we know most people would rather be doing almost anything than vacuuming. That’s why we invented a 3 way brush that makes cleaning more efficient, and much less of a chore. As it effortlessly glides back and forth, our 3 way brush picks up dust with ease. Plus, its revolutionary double-joint system allows you to reach much lower, and ultimately get closer to the surface of the floor, so no offensive debris is missed on any pass. Great edge cleaning and even suction flow also make the 3 way brush the must-have item for your Samsung vacuum.

Breathe easy. Literally.

Samsung uses HEPA filtration to ensure the cleanest exhaust when you vacuum. By catching micro particles such as dust and other allergens like pollen and mold, HEPA filters deliver a much cleaner and healthier environment. In fact, the exhaust air quality and emission ability of our HEPA filters has been certified by the SLG, the Germany’s highly respected testing and certification institute. And some of our house mite and allergen filtration has been certified.

Washable Filter

Washable pre-motor filter,Save time and energy with the easy to check and easy to wash filter

Silver Nano System

A comprehensive hygienic system developed by Samsung that utilises nano-sized silver ions to safely and effectively eliminate molds and harmful micro-particles. Bacteria is killed in the filtering process due to a coating of billions of silver nano ions on a multi- layered dust bag and HEPA Filter.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.