A Smart Balance between your Social and New Business Life

Advanced Communicator: Hybrid Dual SIM

DUOS users can alternate between two different phone numbers for maximum flexibility including calling and texting vs. mobile data use – and choose the most advantageous pricing plans for each. You’re always juggling work and personal life but now you can use just one phone. Simply switch from one line to the other number you’ve dedicated for personal calls and messages or to freely surf the web – keep your private life private. When you travel you’ll be glad for the convenience of having a double SIM handset. Instead of purchasing a new SIM card to replace the original SIM, simply switch to the other line.

Improved Productivity

From remote access to your handset’s sensitive data to accessing online documents directly, users experience the ultimate in mobile office features. ThinkFree handles all your Office documents, including PDFs, for simple, productive viewing and editing. ThinkFree Online lets you upload your documents for easy storage, accessible to your mobile anytime from anywhere. pCloud Service offers a 3-step security management system including HW encryption so you can remotely lock your handset at any time, tracing methods to recover your phone, and remote wipeout in the case of loss or theft so you can feel assured of full privacy of your personal and professional data.

Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct facilitates seamless device-to-device wireless communication with other Wi-Fi gadgets so users can enjoy sharing of photos, music and video even faster, and wireless printing documents is even more efficient.

Outstanding OS: Flexible Android OS

Users will notice immediately how easy and pleasurable it is to operate with improved application management, better connectivity and enhanced audio quality, including seamless video calling. Android’s Gingerbread software combined with a more powerful processor (832MHz) lets you handle mobile tasks faster and more efficiently. Android Market satisfies every user’s desire with a huge, always growing supply of apps geared to enhancing your lifestyle. Users also enjoy a host of Google Mobile Services including Google Latitude so you can see where your friends are and share your own location for meet-ups or unlock check-in offers to popular shops, restaurants and services. Google Places lets you find, rate and share places so you can discover your new favorite place.


Built-in TouchWiz software allows users to relish the sensation of touch navigation on a satisfying large display but get down to no-nonsense messaging on full QWERTY keyboard – more flexibility, more usability.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.