The new Samsung E1230 is a stylish compact mobile device packing all the essential features a voice centric user seeks, with the added feature of FM Radio to satisfy the need for entertainment or news broadcasting.

Talk in Style with the E1230 premium design

Talk in style in style with the new Samsung E1230. The ergonomic and compact design makes the calling comfortable and easy to hold. The anti-scratch and anti-dust keypad only add further convenience. Carry it and use it wherever you go.

Enjoy an Intuitive & Versatile User Experience

Access your data easily with Paragon Lite UX and the 5 way navigation key. The large and clear display provides you with better viewing.

Maximized Utility

Maximize your communication needs with external enhanced speakers for voice communications or FM Radio transmission.
An 3.5mm Audio Jack provides you with the desired privacy when needed.

3.5mm Audio Jack

Easily connect with a headset

External Loud Speakers

Share entertainment with friends

FM Radio

Enjoy radio broadcasting

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.