Connector. Socialiser. Entertainer

Enriched Online Services

Stay plugged in to the world around you without being tied down. On the go but need to check a website? No problem thanks to Opera’s fast Mini 4.4 browser. Now you can surf from anywhere. Make Facebook and Twitter a real-time experience! Tweet and make status updates easily through integrated apps on your mobile. Still want more? Download a variety of Java apps from Samsung Apps and discover what else you can do on the go!

Fully-equipped Multimedia Experience

The fun never stops with this mobile. A full portfolio of multimedia features are ready to entertain you. So sit back and enjoy your favourite tunes, hone your gaming skills, or simply capture the good times through snapshots and videos. You’ve got everything you need including the convenient 3.5mm ear jack, bluetooth connectivity and up to 16GB of storage on microSD! Now that’s full-packaged entertainment!

Attractive, Slim and Ergonomic Design

Wrap your fingers around this little beauty! Streamlined to perfection, this mobile doesn’t cut corners on style. It uses rounded edges and an ergonomic form to keep it slim and trim and also the perfect size for your palm or your pocket. A dream to look at and a dream to handle especially with the soft-feel buttons that makes texting a breeze!

Advanced DUOS Experience

DUOS doubles your mobile experience for the better! Whether you’re juggling your work and personal numbers, traveling to areas with different mobile coverage, or looking to maximise savings, this mobile’s advanced DUOS experience delivers a better mobile experience. Enjoy maximum usability, especially since Dual SIM Always On lets you receive an incoming call on your first SIM even if you’re surfing the web on your first SIM. Also equipped with a torchlight, you’ll never find yourself in the dark.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.