Dual Sim Multimedia Communicator

Go Double, Get Dual SIM

Keep work separate from your personal matters with Dual SIM functionality to maintain privacy and organise your life. It’s simple: two SIM cards, two phone numbers, two accounts with different monthly billing packages -- each separate but both on your single handset. Dual standby keeps both accounts alive at all times so you can make or take calls, check emails, write texts. All through a simple SIM switching key that gives you easy access to either your business or private lines -- it’s your choice.

Super Social Networking

Global messaging system links all Samsung devices and more for easy multimedia messaging, group chat, buddies and other exclusive features – all without ID or PW. Push IM enables truly instant messaging on ChatON or mFluent (MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk). Favored SNS sites Facebook and Twitter are native applications, enhanced for mobile. Push email immediately alerts you to new email in your inbox.

Styled for Simplicity

Carry with confidence a slim, modern handset with a refined edge that never goes out of style. Well-proportioned dimensions (113x46x13.9mm) feel just right to take with you everywhere. Featuring a large 2.0” LCD display with vibrant views to enjoy your multimedia to the max. Paragon Lite UX boasts an intuitive interface that makes navigating your contents a breeze. High quality keypad is sturdily constructed and easy to keep spiffy clean.

Extra Features

Your handset is powered by a robust, long-lasting battery, so little worries about losing juice with plenty of standby and talk time, with fewer recharges required. Always have your VGA camera on hand to catch the fun times and upload to share the moment with friends right away. Relish the convenience of speakerphone when your hands are tied up and you need to make a call. Use voice memo to capture a stray thought any moment of the day. When you’re trouble and need help, send an emergency SOS message and be assured that help is on the way. USB v.2.1 provides faster downloads so you can enjoy your multimedia content sooner. When you encounter an unexpectedly dark situation, torchlight lights your way to safety.

Music Experience

Embedded MP3 player dispenses any need for a second device for your music, especially when outfitted with a standard jack that fits your own headphones for high quality audio. Use the microSD card slot to boost memory capacity up to 32GB or 8000 songs, and rotate your music inventory for fresh sounds all the time. FM radio lovers can tune into an endless soundtrack of radio programs to hear recent hits and nostalgic favourites -- it’s all music to your ears.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.