Samsung’s latest GALAXY Core packs high-end smartphone features into a Dual SIM mobile, doubling up on power and convenience. The fast processor, ample memory and Jelly Bean OS ensure an effortless user experience – one that you’ll fall in love with as you explore the mobile’s incredible features such as Cloud Storage, ChatON Messenger and a whole lot more.

Dual SIM

ㆍDual SIM Always ON lets you access both SIM cards; receive calls on SIM 1 even when utilising SIM 2
ㆍHybrid Dual SIM access either SIM card without needing to reboot your mobile
ㆍTake advantage of separate billing, different calling plans and wider coverage

Superior Performance

ㆍ1.2GHz CPU offers advanced computing power for seamless multitasking, fast page loading and softer UI transitions
ㆍ8GB Memory offers ample storage + 8Gb RAM ensures faster and smoother operation
ㆍComes with the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean so everything feels fast, fluid and smooth; plus have access to enhanced maps, Google Now, enhanced notification panel and flexible widgets

Smart Services

ㆍChatON Messenger connects all mobiles through a single messaging platform
ㆍPremium Hub Services offer rich contents (e-reading material, music, videos and games) in convenient hubs
ㆍCloud service provides same experiences to Multiple devices by offering sync and back-up of mobile data and contents

Smart Functions (1)

ㆍSmart Stay maintains a bright display as long as you’re looking at it
ㆍSmart Alert informs you of missed calls/new messages as soon as you pick up the phone
ㆍBest Shot recommends the best photos per 8 continuous shots

Smart Functions (2)

ㆍS Voice lets your verbally command your mobile
ㆍVoice Unlock lets you unlock the mobile using your voice
ㆍMotion UI uses intuitive actions such as shaking or turning over the mobile to perform common functions such as refreshing contents or muting the phone

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.