Rich media content on great 4.0” SUPER CLEAR LCD screen at your command, street smart features like Layar Reality browser powered by Tele Atlas© and GoogleTM Turn-by-Turn Navigation, and Samsung Social Hub that puts you at the center of attention. Welcome to a smart life brought to you by Samsung GALAXY S SUPER CLEAR LCD Version.

Brighter, faster, and connected

Enjoy the best viewing experience with 4.0" SUPER CLEAR LCD display. You can watch your favorite content in broad daylight and enjoy a crisp, clear picture. And, with 1Ghz processor, 16 GB internal memory, and Wireless Tethering, you have the speed, space, and access you need to stay connected wherever you roam.

A universe of content

Immerse yourself in your rich media content like never before. Enhance your reading experience with Aldiko ebook. Easily source to gaming content from PC and Android Market™, and enjoy the best picture quality. Record in HD right on your TV—with the phone as the remote control.
- Google, the Google logo and Android Market are trademarks of Google, Inc.

Samsung Around Me Augmented Reality

Use GALAXY S SUPER CLEAR LCD Version’s exclusive Layar Browser powered by Tele Atlas®, to see real-time digital information right on top of the real world. Thanks to Tele Atlas, you can see more POIs (points of interest) from your current location, such as which train is on the corner, or customer reviews about the café across the street. Just point the phone’s camera in your chosen direction, and see everything you need to know.

Google Maps Navigation™

Let Samsung GALAXY S SUPER CLEAR LCD Version’s be your co-pilot. With automatic car mode when in the car cradle, Samsung GALAXY S SUPER CLEAR LCD Version uses Google Maps™ to give you three different views—real street view, traffic view, and satellite view.
- Google Maps is a trademark of Google, Inc. TeleAtlas™ Maps Data ⓒ 2009

Your social life in one place

The GALAXY S SUPER CLEAR LCD Version’s Integrated Contacts brings your email and SNS contacts into one phone book, allowing you to check your friends’ status updates and newly added photos directly from your Contacts. And, thanks to Social Hub Inbox, you can manage all your incoming and outgoing messages. Plus, integrate your Google™ and Facebook calendars with Calendar.

Quicktype by Swype

Reach speeds up to 40 words per minute with Swype. Rather than requiring you to hit each letter accurately, Swype has a built-in intelligence that follows the path your finger traces on the keyboard. Just trace the word you want to write, and Swype will do the rest. And, with the Write & Go app, you can swype a message and send it directly from the notepad by SNS, SMS, Email, Calendar, or Memo.

Your devices in harmony

Transform the way you use your digital library. Whenever at home, with AllShare™ via DLNA you have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy and share all of your digital content with any Samsung DLNA certified® devices and other DLNA certified® ones.

Edit documents with ease

Access your saved documents and update them while on the go. Thanks to ThinkFree Office Mobile, you can add images or edit text within your Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.