Samsung introduces Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids, a specialised tablet made just for kids. The kids-friendly UX will bring a smile to any kid’s face with just one glance. Made for kids to enjoy and for parents’ peace of mind, this specialised Tab, with enriching applications, is the perfect addition to your child’s new digital life.

Kid’s specialised UI

Galaxy Tab 3 Kids offers a Kids-friendly UX that is very simple and easy for kids to use. Card style applications are big and colourful to grab the child’s attention. A variety of characters are available and can be changed for fun.

Safe Usage

Galaxy Tab Kids is not only for kids, but also useful for parents to control their kids’ usage. Parents can manage the apps which they’d like to put on Kids Mode through Parental Control function. Also, Time Manager limits the time kids can use this electronic device,. Moreover, parents can enjoy normal tablet mode through Standard Mode, so parents don’t need to buy their own tablet!

Safe Usage

Galaxy Tab Kids is tested by U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC), so your kids can avoid any chemical risks. Also, the protective cover allows your kids to freely use tablet in any way, as the cover protects the tablet against falls and scratches.

Enriched Kids Contents

Your kids can enjoy a variety of world-popular kids apps through Galaxy Tab Kids.
You can enjoy over 600 categorised kids apps which are provided exclusively for Samsung Tablet users!

* Limited to specific Conuntries

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.