With the stirring sound of SAMSUNG's unparalleled sound technology DNSe™ 3.0, your music will sound as vibrant as the artist intended. The Q1 provides a more natural and fuller sound, as the blue light of the touchpad pulses with the excitement while the 2.4" display and convenient interface make it easy to find your music. The Q1 is a breath of fresh air, taking you on a sonic adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

DNSe™ 3.0 - Let your music surround you

Among the many preset EQs offered on Q1, Concert Hall, Café, and Church EQs reproduce the music experience as if you were there.
Audio Upscaler restores the higher frequency part of the music that is lost when audio is compressed into formats such as MP3, WMA and AAC.

diamond in your pocket

Diamond shaped LED lights your way to the best music experience of your life.

powerful & multi-functional

It’s not just a superb audio player. The YP-Q1 boasts other handy features like an FM Radio, FM Recording, Voice Recording, Text Viewer and Image Viewer.

TTS (text to speech)

TTS (Text to Speech) available for free on EmoDio™ reads any text in several different languages and converts them into MP3 format. Listen to your emails or your favourite news pulled from podcast with TTS.

various playback speed without distortion

Normally, when an audio file is sped up or down, it alters the pitch and results in unnatural sounding distortion.
DNSe™ 3.0's Speed Control correct the distortion for constant voice tone.

size does matter!

Enjoy video, text and pictures on Q1's 2.4" LCD with high resolution.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.